Valhalla threatens to ruin the grand finale of the original series

Valhalla threatens to ruin the grand finale of the original series

Spin-off Vikings: Valhalla’s recently released first trailer may have been closely watched by Vikings fans. Will Netflix reach the same height as its predecessor after 100 years of continuity? The first insights are promising. However, an account gives us something to consider. Because you can be with her Valhalla endangers Viking heritage.

Will Valhalla’s protagonist confuse Viking law?

One of Viking’s new main characters: Valhalla has a clear reference to the original series: as the Netflix trailer reveals, Leaf Erickson (Sam Corlett) drove his boat from Greenland to Scandinavia. He is therefore the successor to the settlement abandoned by Floki (Gustaf Scorsard) there and in Iceland. A century later It is associated with the events of the fifth and sixth seasons of the Vikings.

Vikings: Valhalla – Teaser 1 (English) HD


But like Ragnar, Lagerta and company Leaf Erickson is a historically documented figure: Nordmann is considered to be the first European to set foot on American soil in 1000. This is worrying for the Vikings.

Because, if not for the biggest achievement in the Netflix series, Vikings: Valhalla would have chosen the so-known Viking as the hero – “Discovery” of the United States – Will it be available? Not likely. But if the Icelandic explorer goes down in history as the first European to be recorded abroad, what does Viking mean by all the Viking characters he had long ago?

Netflix Vikings: Are Valkyrie giving an unhappy end to Flock and Ubay?

Vikings: LeF threatens to become the new main character in the Netflix sequel, even if he indirectly pays homage to Valhalla Ragnar. Steal the honors of former Viking heroes.

Because the Vikings final of Season 6 gave the two main characters a beautiful circle and one New beginning in America: Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) built it after a long persecution across the Atlantic Ocean, where he found the missing Floki (Gustaf Scorsard). They inquired after the two had interacted well with the natives The last scene Towards a hopeful future.

100 years later the Vikings: This happy future that Netflix can destroy in Valhalla. Because, as we have learned, Vikings care a lot about their heritage, that is, about the fact that others are themselves. Remember her for a long timeAlthough they moved to Valhalla a long time ago. So far, the Viking series (known for not taking historical accuracy so seriously) has been found to be the first of its kind to be rewritten with Viking history using Flocky and Ube. However, it changes the look of Leaf Erickson.

Vikings Finals: Ubbe and Flock in the United States

Because there are actually only two options left in the logical conclusion, one is more uncomfortable than the other:

  • Either the Ubbe natives have fully assimilated and integrated into a Native American There is no recognizable Viking heritage Left as a footprint on American soil, which later testifies historically to his work.
  • Or he and his family The Vikings did not survive long in the final So it has disappeared into oblivion, which is why someone else can claim the honor of “discovering” America – at least until Christopher Columbus comes around a corner.
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Vikings: How do you think the Valhalla mother series should be handled?

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