Valencia has been selected as the European Capital of Smart Tourism for 2022

Valencia has been selected as the European Capital of Smart Tourism for 2022

Valencia has been selected as the European Capital of Smart Tourism for 2022

A total of 30 candidates from 16 countries have applied for the initiative, which is being promoted by the European Union to promote smart tourism. Valencia received the award at the same time as Bordeaux (France).

Valencia has been selected as the European Capital of Smart Tourism for 2022. The city’s nominee was selected by a jury of the European Commission, which specializes in accessibility, sustainability, digitization, cultural heritage and creativity. Valencia’s commitment to promoting an innovative, sustainable and inclusive tourism network and developing projects that promote smart tourism led the jury to nominate Valencia.

A total of 30 applications from 16 different countries were submitted for the initiative, which was promoted by the European Union. Cities such as Bordeaux (France), Copenhagen (Denmark), Dublin (Ireland), Florence (Italy) and Palma (Spain) participated in the election process.

Valencia City Council Tourism Adviser Emiliano Garcia is very pleased and said that the EU award is “a recognition of Valencia’s commitment to sustainability work with the tourism sector.”


“Like major tourist cities and European capitals, Valencia is a cosmopolitan, intelligent and sustainable tourist destination. We lead pioneering projects in the field of sustainability, such as the calculation, certification, reduction of carbon and water footprints, or the development of a complete tourism intelligence system. Thanks to the creation of the Film Office we position ourselves as a destination for international filmmaking, we are the design capital of the world, and at the same time, we continue to maximize the value and visibility of our most traditional heritage. And invisible. ”, He added.

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“It is very clear to us what our most important assets are and we highlight them as much as possible. This news is a stimulus for growth to continue, so Valencia will be more accessible, sustainable and digital, ”the City Councilor concluded.


The choice of Valencia as the European Capital of Smart Tourism will be supported by communication and brand development experts in 2022. Next year a promotional video will be produced, a large sculpture with a hashtag will be placed in a prominent place and various promotional and visual activities will be held in the European Union.

Low emission tourism
Valencia has developed its tourism strategy on the pillar of sustainability, promoting projects that allow progress towards the goals of sustainable development. Therefore, one of the most important projects with the greatest economic, social and environmental impact is the audit of the carbon and water footprints of the tourist activity and the supplementary scheme to reduce and compensate for it with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality in tourism. By 2025.

A moving city
In terms of accessibility, efforts to increase the space reserved for pedestrians, commitment to sustainable movement, more than 156 km of cycle paths, promotion of facilities with special equipment and removal of architectural barriers should be highlighted. And projects developed to suit the tourist offer for people with mobility.

The projects are already improving the tourist experience
Regarding the third of the evaluated categories, digitization is leading in two directions: on the one hand, to manage the tourist experience and, on the other hand, as a tool for business competitiveness. Thus, a data platform (SIT-Tourism Intelligence System), tourist communication tools (chatbots), five smart tourist information kiosks to assist 24/7 travelers, as well as geocaching were promoted for decision making in the Valencian business sector. Experiences to find the city and some of its major resources through digital apps like Holy Grail.

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Enjoy Valencia 365 days a year
In the field of cultural heritage, Valencia’s avant-garde and historical character stand out, preserving a cosmopolitan, Mediterranean city, important UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Falls, Loncha de la Seda and Tribunal D. Las Aguas. In addition to the candidacy to declare Pella as an invisible legacy of humanity. The application highlights the city’s relevant cultural agenda, international recognitions such as the title World Design Capital 2022, as well as the synergies created between the cultural, creative and tourism industries that enabled the development of Valencia Film. Office. Valencia is a dynamic city, thanks to all the projects it offers.

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