Vaccine ‘queues’: 19-Argentine health minister forced to resign during the Kovid epidemic – 02/20/2021

Vaccine 'queues': 19-Argentine health minister forced to resign during the Kovid epidemic - 02/20/2021

At first it was in Peru. Now in Argentina.

The administration’s discretion over vaccines against Kovid-19 has once again caused controversy in Latin America.

On Friday, Argentine President Alberto Fernandes called on Health Minister Guinness Gonzalez Garcia to resign following a corruption scandal. In the general population according to the local population.

The same afternoon, Gonzalez submitted his resignationThis was accepted by Fernandes, who appointed Carla Visotti as the owner of the portfolio.

The controversy erupted after Horacio Verbitsky, a journalist believed to be a supporter of the ruling party, revealed that he had been vaccinated. Coronavirus After a direct request to Gonzalez.

“I called my old friend Gaines Gonzalez Garcia, who I knew long before he became a minister, and he told me I had to go to Posadas Hospital. Verbitsky told El Uncover Radio on Friday (19).

After this revelation, the Argentine media began to divulge information, and accordingly individuals close to the ruling party avoided this line and adopted the vaccine in a preferred manner.

The La Nacion newspaper reported that an operation had been carried out on the premises of the Ministry of Health to provide immunizations to officials, parliamentarians, civil servants and other individuals.

However, this will not cause controversy because, according to the same newspaper, the Ministry of Health has reserved at least 3,000 vaccines for its employees to administer the vaccine, although they were not considered dangerous.

A similar scandal erupted in Peru last week. A number of officials have resigned after learning that about 500 people, including former President Martin Vizcara, ministers and other individuals, had been vaccinated on a priority basis.

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In Brazil, complaints of exclusion cases have also been reported.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Public Ombudsman’s Office said it has received more than a thousand complaints about vaccination quiz cases against Kovid-19 across the country. They have been vaccinated and are not in the priority category of the vaccination program.

After receiving the complaints, the complaints are sent to a unit of the Ministry of Public Works for legal action.

Vaccinations for people over the age of 80 began this week in the province of Buenos Aires

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Who can be vaccinated?

Vaccination in Argentina began a month and a half ago, but until this week it was officially reserved for health professionals in the country.

The Buenos Aires provincial vaccination campaign began on Thursday (18) only for those over 70 years of age.

Argentina has a population of about 45 million, of which 7.2 million are over 60 years of age.

To date, the Serum Institute of India manufactures 1.22 million doses of Russian Sputnik V vaccine and 580 thousand doses of vaccine in the country, thanks to technology transfer from AstraZeneca in the United Kingdom and the University of Oxford.

To be vaccinated in the province of Buenos Aires, citizens must first register on a website, which is now available only to people over 80 years of age.

According to figures from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, more than 2 million infections and 51,000 deaths have been reported in South America.

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