Vaccination increased to 70% of the vaccine population

Vaccination increased to 70% of the vaccine population

2021. Dec. 02. – 10:00

Vaccination was on the rise across the country, in which the vaccination campaign also made a significant contribution. The current vaccination rate for those over 12 years of age is 69.7%. Those who have not been vaccinated are still waiting at vaccination points.

Vaccination remains highest in Pest County (75.4%), Pfizer County (72.4%) and Budapest (71.1%). Transplantation is more common in Transdanubia. The counties with the lowest grafting are Jas-Nagikun Solnok (61.5%), Borsod-Abai-Semplen (63.4%) and Hajdu-Bihar (63.9%).

Again, we urge anyone who has not been vaccinated to do so! Vaccination is equally available in all counties, hospital vaccines and GPs.

During the vaccination campaign, which runs through Dec. 5, you can go to hospital vaccination points and specialist clinics in some counties without prior registration and appointment. In this case, registration will be done on site and vaccinations will be given to the first come first served. For those who have previously registered online, we still recommend scheduling the first or second or third missed vaccinations.

List of Vaccination Points by County for Extinguishing Action Week: Vaccination points

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