Vacation in Portugal: Algarve. |

Vacation in Portugal: Algarve.  |

London – Today we present a tourist destination in a country of the European Union: Portugal.
We will talk about Algarve, a southern Portuguese region facing the Atlantic Ocean, world famous for its beautiful beaches with layers, crystal clear seas and golden sands.
Algarve is the southernmost city in Portugal with a population of 450,000 and is divided into 16 municipalities. The Faroe Islands is home to an international airport.

Tourism and food production (fish and other seafood, oranges, figs, plums, carob nuts, almonds, avocados, tomatoes, cauliflower, strawberries, raspberries and a variety of fruits and vegetables) are important sectors of the economy. Algarve.

This is a continuation of the incredible beaches (Has more than 150) The most adrenaline pumping water is ideal for sports, and also offers quiet angles for families.

Thanks to its beaches, climate and food, Algarve has become a popular destination not only for foreign tourists, but also for Scandinavian, Spanish, German, French, Dutch and Irish.

There are also many Italians who prefer this area for tourism and accommodation during retirement.

Here are photos of the main beaches in the Algarve region

Apart from the beauty of nature, the goodness of the food is the main reason for attracting tourists.

The ingredients used reflect the fresh tastes of the sea and the intense and strong aroma of the hinterland. The gastronomy of this region is actually dominated by seafood and all kinds of fish, and the fruits are widely used in fresh and fresh bread making, desserts or table fruit.
Figs and almonds are one of the traditional fruits used in sweets and alcohol.
It has all kinds of dishes and desserts, from razor-clad “Arros de Lingiro” rice from Faro to grilled herring in Portimo and “Dom Rodriguez” desserts in Lagos.

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The city of Monchik is especially known for its pork production, which is evidenced by the well-known sausages and alleged hams made from pork (sausage, morsella, farinheira, chowriko).

Delicious aguardente de medronho (arbutus berry brandy) is produced by hand and commercially in the area, resulting in a fruity brandy flavor.
Good luck in the area. Liquor made with local products is equally in demand, including ginseng (sour cherry liqueur) and amandova amarga (bitter almond liqueur).

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Algarve is generally one of the hottest places in southern Europe, with Atlantic-influenced Mediterranean climates and mild, humid winters and hot or very hot and dry summers. Overall, it is the sunniest place in Europe.

Summers see its highest average temperature in the east, where it is 29-30 degrees along the coast and 32 to 35 degrees in the interior.
Inside Algarve, the burning temperature is constant, so in many cases the temperature has reached above 40 degrees. The low levels at night are often independent of location, with stability of 16-20 degrees in most parts of Algarve.

The sea level in Algarve is generally cooler than on the other west coasts of Portugal. At the tip of the Zagres, the rising phenomenon further lowers the sea surface temperature.

In winter, the average sea surface temperature on the west and south coasts is 15-16 degrees Celsius, while in summer it rises to about 20-21 degrees, with a maximum of September. However, the southern coastal waters near the Bay of Cadiz flow hotter from the Mediterranean, so the average temperature is higher than the western coast of Cape San Vincenzo.

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The area enjoys extensive museums and major sites of cultural interest, each associated with its cultural past.

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Remember the catapult is the recipe used in the area, which uses a container consisting of two concave metal parts that can be attached with a hinge on one side and locked with a hook at the exact opposite side. Not to forget Franco de Churasco A la Gia, Caldeiroda, ‘Algarve-style’ tuna cod, stuffed squid, marzipan biscuits and sauerkraut soup.

According to some, the name Carne de Porco Allentezana is derived from the nearby Allentejo region, which has its roots in the Algarve region because oysters are a more popular food in coastal cities and populated areas of Algarve than in places. Not far from the sea.
In particular, this dish is an example of a fusion recipe between pork dishes from the hinterland where pork is common, and seafood dishes from the coastal Algarve, where crustaceans abound.

Tourism is the main source of income for the region.

In addition to the beauty of the beaches, Algarve has invested in creating a network of golf courses. The beaches of Algarve stretch from Prague da Marinha to Armaco de Pera, but there is also the famous spa “Caldas de Monchik”.

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