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Le due pagine dell’articolo di Rossana Gandini dedicate al calcio gaelico

From the columns of “Phila-Sport”, Rosanna Gandini gives an insight into this common Irish specialty

“Fila-Sport” reached number 122

Not just the commonly known ball. There are many other topics, some of which are not well known. Also, Rossana Gandini’s commitment is to propose them one by one with stamps and other elements that characterize a collection, whether thematic or open.

She does this through the magazine of the Italian Union of Olympic and Sports Collectors, of which she is a councillor; The periodical was called “Phila-Sport” and reached issue 122 (with a tribute to the recently deceased philatelist Alvaro Trucchi on the cover). At this stage he manages Gaelic football (in the local language, Pail Gaelach), dictating the cards provided by Eyre.

“It’s one of those traditional Irish sports where it’s particularly popular,” notes the specialist. It combines the rules of football with the rules of rugby; The objective does not change, it is to score in the opponent’s goal. The origins are unclear: some date back to before the 14th century, while others date the action closer to Australian football.

Two pages of Rosanna Gandini's article dedicated to Gaelic football
Two pages of Rosanna Gandini’s article dedicated to Gaelic football

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