V-shaped UFO seen above Ireland

V-shaped UFO seen above Ireland

In early March, dozens of witnesses witnessed the passing of a “large and quiet” anonymous flying object in the northwestern part of Ireland. One of them is an Irish TV star.

What happened in the Irish sky on the night of March 3? Dozens of unrelated witnesses describe the same unknown object that flew to the northwest of the country: a large, silent, V-shaped, very bright instrument. This phenomenon has been observed in Sligo, Donegal and Letrim.

Among the witnesses, guitarist and former star of the Irish version of X-Factor, Toby Callaghan, who lives in Sligo, shared his surprise on Twitter: “I saw a huge UFO on top of my house. It was in the shape of a B52, but made of lights, it flew lower than an airliner, it was very large and no sound. My partner also saw it. I can not get the words “

Asked a few days later Ocean FM Toby Callaghan, a local radio station, described his testimony in detail: “It was frightening. I was smoking a cigarette in the back of the house. I looked up and saw something.

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The musician is surprised and struggles to find an explanation: “If it was military, it was really at the forefront. It was so big and slow and quiet! I can not tell you what it was, but I can tell you what it was. “

During an interview with Toby Callaghan Ocean FM Several listeners called the radio to share their own testimony, confirming the guest’s testimony: “I saw a large UFO on the roof of the house, I know it was crazy, but my wife saw it too. It looked like a stealth bomber, but it was almost translucent. He later disappeared, “said Sligo residents.

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Another listener from the town of Leitrim, 50 miles from Sligo, saw “a very bright light from his window.” The latter was described as a “very low flying object with bright lights” that caught the attention of many people on the street. The third evokes “a very bright object with red and white lights.”

Irish mirror , Related to this matter, contacted the Irish Air authorities without receiving an answer. And, unfortunately, there is no photo or video to accredit these different stories. As is often the case in this case, it is advisable to assume one or more drones in the formation equipped with LEDs. In the meantime, maybe, better.

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