Utah Monolith: Photographer Explains What Happened to an Invisible Nigo Object | US News

Metal monolith found in Utah. Pic: Utah Department of Public Safety

Part of the mystery about the shocking appearance and disappearance of a monolith in Utah seems to have been explained.

Conspiracy theorists have speculated that the structure was discovered in the desert late last month Removed Aliens – but a photographer revealed that he saw a group of people carrying it.

In an Instagram post, Ross Bernards secretly said he saw four people removing a monolith on Friday evening: “Don’t leave a trace.”

Bernards explained that he had gone to the place with three friends to take a photo of the monolith.

“I was taking a break to take some photos of the monolith under the moonlight, and when I heard some noises coming into the canyon I was thinking about the adjustments needed to make the last battery of the drone flight,” he said.

“4 people circled the corner and two of them walked forward. They gave some push on the monolith and one of them said, ‘It’s good to have your pictures.’

“Then he gave a big push and it tilted to one side. He called out to his other friends that there was no need for tools.

The photographer described how the men pushed the structure until it fell to the ground “with a loud noise”.

“They quickly smashed it, and as we drove to the horizon they had brought, one of them looked back at us and said, ‘Don’t leave a trace.’

After the monolith was removed, the men said, ‘Do not leave a trace.’ Image: Utah Department of Public Security

Explaining why his team did not block the men, Bernards said it was right to remove the monolith because people who wanted to see the Nigu structure magical structure were beginning to destroy the local landscape.

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“You can literally see people trying to reach it from all directions, permanently changing the untouchable landscape,” he said.

“Mother Nature is an artist. It’s better to leave this art in the woods.”

2001: A Space Odyssey
A similar monolith appeared in 2001: A Space Odyssey

The strange appearance of the monolith led to speculation about how it came to be – especially after the discovery of a similar structure. Romania Two weeks later.

Science Fiction Film 2001: Some have suggested that the monolith is a tribute to A Space Odyssey, in which monkeys find a metal monolith in the desert.

The Utah The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has indicated that it will not investigate its disappearance: “BLM has not removed the structure that is considered private property.

We do not investigate crimes involving private property managed by the local sheriff’s office.

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