USON Neverways ends its season with its supporters: “You are the best public in France”


Because, the season can’t end without the last excitement. USON did not invite its loyal supporters, Wednesday, June 1, at Pre-Fleuri Stadium. At the end of a historic 2021-2022 season, on Sunday, May 29, for the final interaction with the outfield staff and Neversois players in the semi-finals of Pro D2. Finally mutual “thank you”. For some, thank you for your generous support on the stand; Thanks for shining on the field, for others.

The President, staff and players greeted those who contributed in their own way to the good results, giving an interview on the North Stand with good stock and giving voice on every match night on the pre-floor. ” without you (In closed sessions), It was complicated. As if it had doubled, even if it came back a little lower. You are the best audience in France. ”

Regis Dumenge, President of USN Never, has long been praised by Neverz supporters and hailed his influence. “This season, we owe it to you. Thank you for this.”

The entrepreneur, who faced some 2,600 subscribers, welcomed the progress of a club he was growing. “We are surprising other clubs. We are starting to be respected.” Regis Dumenge later confirmed his intentions with a touch of humor: “We announced fourth place. The players finished fourth. Maybe I should have announced second place. So this will be next season,” the president smiled.

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Frank Broadshow, second tier, will no longer play for USON Never next season. But it will remain with a young fan like this in the hearts of supporters and sometimes in their t-shirts.

Pré-Fleuri, who did not have a preparatory match this summer to protect the lawn, vibrated for the last time of the season and a farewell and a few farewells. Because we also had the opportunity to honor those who no longer resist the colors of USON Never. That is, seventeen people, including sixteen players, greeted each other. “Twenty of the twenty-three players on the match sheet in Mont-de-Marsen will be with us next season,” Regis Dumenge assured.

Seventeen departures, including sixteen players.
Pillars: Yilmas (Bergoin-Jalliu, National), Curie (Mont-de-Marsen, Pro D2).
Hooker: Tarot (Racing 92, Top 14).
Second Line: Broadshow (Ulster, Ireland), Seite (Bayonne, Pro D2 or Top 14), Engel (not confirmed in his future), Whitz (Chambery, National).
Third lines: Cട്ടെte (Borgoin-Jallieu, National), Fabreg (Oyonax, Pro D2 or Top 14), Gasco (Burgoyne-Jallieu), Jean-Baptist Manevi (end of career).
Scrum-Half: Casenev (Provence, Pro D2).
Fly-Half: Vullemin (Bergoin-Jalliu, National).
Center: Harry (Mark-n-Baroual, National 2).
Wings: Bonwallot (retraining as a physiotherapist), Camou (Vaness, Pro D2).
Staff: Koini Basson (Lyon, Top 14).

A season on the skin

USON players, here Joris Casenav, tattooed “1/2” in reference to their Pro D2 semi-final. The way to prolong the intoxication of the seasons that no one forgets.

Owen Gordin
Photos: Pierre Destroyed

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