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Useful Facebook pages and groups for expats in Ireland

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There are more and more social networks and we use them every day. As expats, they allow us to keep in touch with our relatives, friends and the rest of the French community. Above all it is a way to get help or useful information from long time residents of Ireland. We love stopping by Facebook, Meetup, and Linkedin groups/pages that you might find useful on your adventure on the Emerald Isle!

Facebook pages

If the French Embassy in Dublin is already very active on its account Twitter And his site, She also has one Page Facebook It will give you its latest news and news of the French community in Ireland more broadly.

Dublin French Alliance: Find the page of the French institution in Dublin. Limerick, , Galway and Waterford/Wexford all have a separate page. You will find all the cultural events organized by the Alliance nearby.

UFE-Ireland: The UFE (Union of French living abroad) is an association recognized for public use.
Since its establishment in 1927, it has ensured the protection of the interests of all French living abroad with institutions and public authorities and is a member of various consular committees.

French in the world – ADFE : Français du monde – ADFE is a non-profit organization founded in 1980. Founded in 1992, Français du monde – ADFE’s Irish branch aims to represent the French state (social protection, children’s education, etc.) and the interests of the French diaspora.

In Dublin Acuy : Dublin Accueil is aimed at French people, French speakers and Francophiles who have recently arrived or are already living in Dublin.
Led by volunteers, the association is based on exchange and sharing (experiences, knowledge and knowledge of the country). Its purpose is to help newcomers and their families adjust to a different environment in a spirit of mutual enrichment. The Dublin Home now has 120 member families.

French Friday : To stay in the festival domain, visit the French Friday page, which regularly organizes electro evenings in Dublin. The French touch.

Facebook groups


French diaspora in Ireland : With over 20,000 members, this group is very active and allows you to share your experiences and ask for help or information. Jobs, internships, accommodation, parties… you’ll always find someone to answer to, which is a huge asset!

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French in Ireland / French in Ireland / Diaspora : As the description of this group for over 10,000 members suggests: ‘Welcome to the page of the French in Ireland, we also welcome our Belgian, Swiss, Canadian and other French-speaking friends’

Mother in Ireland : A page dedicated to mothers and more specifically to parents that deals with the needs of our “offspring” that we all cherish.

French parents in Ireland : Group for all French (but French speaking) parents living in Ireland. This is a place to share ideas, activities, questions, anything related to the topic.

The French live in Ireland : Group of French people who want to experience Ireland to the fullest! To enjoy all that the Emerald Isle has to offer in terms of culture, traditions, entertainment, sports, tourism etc. Ireland is rising to the occasion. Let’s share our experiences!

French speakers in Ireland : The group describes itself as: ‘Our mission is to unite and bring together the French speakers of Ireland through multicultural exchange projects that we organize across Ireland and advertise on this platform’

Ireland Forum : Advice, news, tips… all for expats!


The French in Dublin : Another very active group that allows you to find between them The French. Here too we share our experiences. All tips welcome!

The French community in Dublin: tips and tricks among expats: Recently created by two expats in Dublin, this group advocates mutual aid. Experiences, tips, advice or news, this group is for all French expats.

Classified ads among French expatriates in Dublin : Find accommodation, sell or buy furniture, get rid of your bike…? This group with 3700 members is what you need!

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Bones plans Dublin : On the same principle as before, this group will allow you to access good Franco-French plans in Dublin, post classified ads or find a partner.

French Dublin Group : is a group with 3000 members. It is distinguished by its cosmopolitan aspect. This group may allow you to find a roommate or learn about great parties in Dublin. You can also find some job offers.

Dublin’s French community for parties etc Dublin Party: We’ll let you guess their goals regarding these groups! Nistula!


The French in Cork : Need something in Cork? With over 6300 members, this group will be happy to answer all your questions! You just ask and they will do the rest…

La French Community de Cork : If less active than the group above, this group will allow you to find a job ad or perhaps a fellowship in Cork.


French Community Galway : Group based on mutual help and sharing. The members leading the group are very responsive and will help you in any way they can.

French Community Connacht – Group : This group aims to bring together French speakers from across the province of Connacht in Galway and beyond.


The French in Belfast : The group for all French speaking expats in Belfast! Over 850 members sharing all the tips. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Facebook groups to improve your English

Exchange Dublin | Language exchange : Facebook group dedicated to language exchange. Improve your English by talking to English speakers over a drink, like speed dating.

Speak English in Dublin: Same principle as Language Exchange Group with other events offered

Dublin Tandem Language Study: The idea is simple: connect with an English speaker with the goal of improving your English. You give him French lessons while he helps you with English.

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but also…

I will settle down in Ireland (Republic) one day.. : Members share their impressions, discoveries and knowledge to better approach, appreciate and contribute to Ireland. Very active and always have members ready to chat with you.

Ireland then and now : Sharing photos, dreams, feelings, ideas, memories, tips and plans. All about the Emerald Isle. You will exchange between enthusiasts!

Brejair: Bretons in Ireland! This is a multicultural group that allows you to discuss Breton and Irish cultures, languages, arts, Celtic music, dances, sports, etc. BreizhEire also organizes many events that you can participate in (hikes, Breton dance workshops, etc.).


Meet groups

New and not so new in Dublin: Organized many events in Dublin. Making new friends has never been easier!

Events, drinks and dancing in Dublin: Same principle as previous group. Cocktails or parties are organized every week.

Speak English in Dublin: Meetup offers many events to improve your English (coffee, evening, language exchange, etc.).

Dublin French Meetup Group: Meet English speakers who want to improve their French.


French Network in Ireland – French Network in Ireland: Find all Irish information in French and exchange with over 1000 members.

Automatic promotion in Dublin also has a dedicated Facebook page where all our articles are posted. Every day our journalists write articles about current events in Ireland, good tips, must-see events, important figures to know… Lepetitjournal de Dublin is the medium for French, French-speaking, Francophiles in Ireland. You can also subscribe to our free newsletter at

Do you want to promote other groups / FB pages or other sites and social networks? Well, as we say here: carry on! Let us know your suggestions in the comments.

Clement Lancranon

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