USA: The “Vikings” will be completed on Blu-ray Disc in March 2022

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USA: The “Vikings” will be completed on Blu-ray Disc in March 2022

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Award-winning historical drama series “Vikings” (Ireland, Canada 2013 to 2020) By the end of 2020, the last 10 episodes of the sixth season, Volume 2, will be over. There will be no seventh season. To do this, Netflix will launch a spin-off on February 25, 2022 “Vikings: Valhalla” For all Viking fans. Here again, the creator of the Shoraner “Vikings” is Michael Hirst. So while fans of the series are now waiting for the replacement, collectors have been yearning for a release for more than a year “Vikings – Staffle 6 – Volume 2” On Blu-ray Disc. Volume 1 The sixth season will be available in retail stores from December 2020. In the USA, however, it’s time for March 15, 2022, as MGM and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release the final episodes of the series individually and in the “Vikings – Complete Box” on Blu-ray Disc. .

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In this country, the first program preview with Warner Home Video March 2022 releases revealed today (today)We reported). This also applies to their distribution partner, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (We reported), Through which MGM releases Blu-ray titles in Germany. Although the official preview from Universal Pictures has not been finalized yet, neither of them have seen any “Vikings” because Mediabook premieres are still not there, and we told you yesterday about the March release. Informed. In Germany, when a publication can be expected is open for the time being. Of course we will keep you up to date. (pf)

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