USA, Canada: Cold snap, up to -50 degrees Celsius!

USA, Canada: Cold snap, up to -50 degrees Celsius!

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After a light start to winter, a cold wave hits Canada and hits the US this week, lasting from February 15 to 25, depending on the state.

This cold wave is associated with the polar vortex stall located in the northern part of the United States before descending to the southern part of the country. On Sunday, the extreme cold was already recorded in Canada at -52 C.

Eastern US Sunday avalanche

Sunday, Very active depression in East America, spreading from North Carolina to Maine via Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, and Boston. 10 cm of snow fell in New York. This is the second heavy snowfall in a week.

Cold wave

This snowfall is due to the arrival of frozen air in the North American United States. Temperatures in Boston and Chicago will literally drop to -20 to C.

Fresh snowfall on Thursday and Friday will affect Central America along the Atlantic coast, with 10 to 20 cm of snow expected again.

From Friday, this cold snap will intensify further. -30 C approaches Chicago Minneapolis. We will be 10 to 20 C below the seasonal norms.

This cold will cause the ground to snow, which will produce strong radiation and cause very low temperatures at the end of the night. Next weekend, -20 C may be near the New York area.

Great lakes can freeze.

Without 10 days in New York?

The cold will reach South America as well. Snow is expected in Dallas, Texas from next Friday when the cold air arrives. Temperature -10. Will drop to C. It is possible to stay in this city for several days without crawling. New York can experience record days from February 7 to 21 in the northern part of the country.

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