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Speaking to the White House about the country’s economic situation, Joe Biden answered a question and announced that he would meet with Vladimir Putin. But he did not specify where or when. The US president was expected to meet the Russian leader in June in the coming days. In addition, the US President made it clear that the U.S. is moving in the right direction in terms of economic growth: Speaking at the White House, Joe Biden said that the United States will see rapid economic growth in the coming months. The last 40 years.

Joe Biden said the U.S. is ready to take additional action if necessary in response to the consequences of the cyber attack that led to the closure of the colonial pipeline and the rise in fuel prices. The President assured that his government was keeping a close eye on the situation and that cyber security initiatives would continue with private individuals in the energy sector and other strategic areas. U.S. President Joe Biden has said there is currently no evidence that the Russian government was involved in a cyber attack on a colonial pipeline.

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