USA Access: This is how you can enter the USA despite the ban if you have been vaccinated.

Ein Städtetrip nach New York City ist wegen des Einreiseverbots im Moment nur schwer möglich.

A city trip to New York City is now difficult because of the entry ban.

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From March 13, 2020, tourists and business people from Europe will not be allowed to enter the USA.

Despite the financial intervention, there is currently no relaxation in the U.S. entry ban. On the other hand, Canada will reopen the border for vaccinated tourists and business travelers from September 7th.

The forums share how resource-rich Internet users are still able to access the USA – for example, when staying in countries that have been exempted from the U.S. entry ban for the past two weeks.

The United States of America has been closed to European businesses and tourists for more than 500 days. The lack of understanding from the economy in particular is growing, especially since the European Union has allowed U.S. citizens with reverse vaccination to enter the country since June this year. If you look closely at the entry rules to the USA, there are a few loopholes. At least if you are not associated with a workplace and spend some time with you, you can go to the USA – even as a tourist.

Is now called “Presidential Proclamation“: Anyone who has been in a country in the Schengen area within 14 days of entering the USA is not allowed to enter the country. The Schengen area includes EU member states and other countries, ie total:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Portugal And Switzerland.

In addition, entry restrictions apply to citizens who previously lived in Great Britain and Ireland – globally – Brazil, China, Iran, India and South Africa. Regardless of this, those who are allowed to enter the country are US citizens, their next of kin, “green card” holders, diplomats and employees of international organizations. Anyone wishing to enter must say so out loud Foreign Office Perform a negative PCR or antigen test no later than three days of age – even if you have been vaccinated.

Some countries are not on the list of entry bans – for example Croatia and Dubai

If you read the list carefully, you will notice that there are a few countries that are not affected by the US travel ban. For example, describes how a user is allowed to enter the USA into a private Facebook group. He flew from his residence in Vienna to Croatia and stayed there for a week. He then spent a week in Dubai and from there flew to the USA. Upon entering, he was shown his passport and asked where he was from (i.e. Dubai) and how long he had been there before. He replied that he had been there for seven days, but had not asked where he had been before.

In addition to entry via Croatia, access via Romania and Bulgaria is also envisaged. The problem is that there are no direct flights to the USA from the airports here. So you have to make a stopover in another country. This country should not be a Schengen country, otherwise you would be living there again – and with a small transit number.

That’s why the Facebook user flew from Croatia to Dubai because there is no ban on entry from Dubai to the USA. Dubai Airport is the nearest hub to Emirates Airlines, which flies daily to various destinations in the USA. It is also important that you plan to enter the United States only on the 15th day after you have resided in a permitted country. To be on the safe side, you can ask for a stamp for your passport when you enter the country of your choice for your two-week stay. Accommodation booking confirmation will also serve as evidence.

However, for your return trip, from a German perspective, you should note that the USA is again a high-risk area. After entering Germany, you are required to submit a negative test and be isolated at home for ten days if you have not yet been vaccinated. However, after five days, you can test yourself from the quarantine. You should have too Digital entry registration To complete.

Politics and business are calling for the USA to be open to vaccinated Europeans

Representatives from politics and business have been criticizing the US government’s crackdown on President Joe Biden for months. CDU foreign politician Norbert Rootgen wrote in a short message service Twitter, This approach adversely affects the Atlantic maritime friendship based on social interactions and the economy on both sides. He demanded that the trip to the USA be made possible again.

European Commission President Ursula von Der Lane said two weeks ago Editorial Network Germany, The opening for vaccinated Europeans “do not drag on for weeks”. President of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) “Wirtchaftswoche“Clearly:” Many German companies working with their employees in the USA are subject to restrictions, as well as all those involved in the production network, such as site distributors, partners and customers. “

For example, the Berlin experience provider Getyourguide has an office in the USA. Not being able to get in there for so long is stressful because of the contagion and the restrictions associated with seeing colleagues in person. This further complicates team management, ”said company founder Tao Tao in an interview with the startup. For major German airlines, flights over the Atlantic have traditionally had the highest turnover traffic – every day when the plane flies to North America.

Canada is taking a completely different political course. By mid-July, the Canadian government AnnouncedTo welcome tourists and business people again from Tuesday, September 7th. A complete vaccination with Biontech, Moderna, Astra Zeneca or Johnson & Johnson vaccines is required. After admission, no inspection or quarantine is required. Since Canada is not currently a risk area in a German perspective, you do not have to submit a negative test or go to the quarantine when you return to Germany.

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