US warships in the Black Sea respond to Russia, which has not deployed more troops on the Ukrainian border since 2014

US warships in the Black Sea respond to Russia, which has not deployed more troops on the Ukrainian border since 2014

The Russia More and more soldiers are gathering at the borderUkraine He United States They respond by sending Navi CNN reports quoting some sources from the Battle of the Black Sea. There U.S. Navy It regularly operates on the Black Sea, but will send a clear message to Russia that the United States is closely deploying warships, an CNN administration official in northern Crimea reports. According to the 1936 agreement, the United States must give 14 days’ notice to enter the Black Sea, which gives Turkey control of the Gulf Strait. It is not clear whether notice has already been given.

The White House said it was “deeply concerned about the presence of Russian troops on Ukraine ” border,” the biggest since 2014. ”

In short, border tensions between Russia and Ukraine are on the rise as they enter the United States. Hence a warning to Vladimir Putin via the US Navy and a move to underline Washington’s undisputed support for Kiev. No confirmation of the news has come from the Pentagon, so far these are just rumors circulating by some sources of the regime quoted by CNN. However, the rumors are more or less in line with those of the White House, who spoke through spokeswoman Jen Psaki about the US “growing concern” over the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Meanwhile, a request to reduce Russia’s presence on the border with Ukraine came from Berlin, and Putin was invited by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a phone call. A new conflict.

At the same time, there do not seem to be any encouraging signs coming from Moscow. “Kiev’s entry into NATO will shatter the country,” Kremlin warns, and accordingly, military action in the Donbass means the beginning of the end of Ukraine as a state. Putin’s Ukraine’s adviser to Dmitry Kozak, deputy head of the Russian presidential executive office, said. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selensky went to the Donbass to see the army.

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