US Space Force Live – Launch SpaceX GPS Satellite for TechRunch

US Space Force Live - Launch SpaceX GPS Satellite for TechRunch

SpaceX The U.S. Space Force GPS III spacecraft 04 will be launched today from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The launch was scheduled to take off in early October, but it was scrubbed at the last minute. Today’s launch window is 15 minutes long and opens at 6:24 PM EST (3:24 PM PST), with a backup opportunity tomorrow, Friday, November 6 at 6:20 PM EST (3:20 PM PST).

Today’s launch will use a Falcon 9 The first phase has not flown before, and SpaceX will try to recover it by landing the drone ship ‘Off Course I Still Love You’ in the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the terms of the agreement with the US space force’s anti-missile system (SMC, formerly housed under the Air Force), SpaceX Newer boosters are required for all missions under the National Security Space Launch (NSSL) umbrella, including this one.

That changed in September of this year, when SpaceX and SMC agreed that Elon Musk’s launch company could use flying booster stages again – this is what SpaceX does for all other launches flying these days. Considering the track record of the SpaceX with the first stages of renewal, it means that SMC will change their position in the use of recovered rockets.

SpaceX has already launched one GPS The spacecraft’s third spacecraft this year – the third star in the galaxy, was launched into orbit in June.

The launch webcast starts 15 minutes before the launch window opens, so it’s about 6:09 PM EST (3:09 PM PST).

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