US Motorola has announced the launch of its new premium smartphone, the Edge 30 Pro.

US Motorola has announced the launch of its new premium smartphone, the Edge 30 Pro.

Snapdragon 8G1 has been announced as the new Edge 30 Pro smartphone for the Motorola chipset in the United States. It will also be released in Japan and details will be announced later.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 adopted

The “Edge 30 Pro” is a new model that is considered one of the “Best Edge Series in Motorola history”.

Qualcomm’s latest product “Snapdragon 8 Gen 1” is used for the chipset. It is 5G compatible and includes the latest features for AI (machine learning processing), gaming, cameras, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In gaming, you can take advantage of all the functions of “Snapdragon Elite Gaming” so you can enjoy a smooth working experience and realistic graphics. The GPU displays a 30% increase in processing power and a 25% increase in efficiency over the previous generation, allowing you to enjoy immersive play.

The “Snapdragon X65 Modem RF-System” is installed as a modem and you can enjoy it on the latest 5G network. Wi-Fi supports the latest standard “Wi-Fi 6E”.

AI functions are useful in a wide range of contexts, such as cameras, games, and communications. Optimization of application processing and improvement of battery life have become a reality.

The battery capacity of the “Edge 30 Pro” is 4800mAh. Additionally, with the quick charging function “Turbo Power Technology”, it can be charged wirelessly up to 15W.

Camera function

On the back, there are two 50MP (megapixel, 50 million pixels) cameras. Supports super wide angle or macro shooting.

It also supports optical image stabilization, and Motorola requests that you “always take clear pictures”. You can combine four pixels into one to take a picture, capture more light, and record an image.

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It is compatible with “HDR10 +” for video recording and can display up to approximately 1 billion colors. With 8K size shooting, you can shoot movies at a resolution of 26 million pixels or more.

In ultra wide angle shooting, details and low-light performance are improved. With 50MP ultra-wide angle shooting, you can give detailed pictures. He also excels at macro photography and can shoot at least 2.5 centimeters close to the subject.

The in-camera is a 60MP (60 million pixels) sensor that can shoot up to four pixels at a time. This quadruples the sensitivity in dark places.

Details will be added to this magazine from time to time.

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