US in OECD: Their Secretary of State Anthony Blinken demands more equality

US in OECD: Their Secretary of State Anthony Blinken demands more equality

After the submarine crisis, Anthony Blinken was finally able to hold a “long tet-à-tet” with President Emmanuel Macron to renew diplomacy and establish official formal reconciliation between France and the United States.

But the US Secretary of State is leading the OECD’s meetings in Paris, the primary goal of which is to mobilize the world’s most developed countries to fight social, economic and climate inequality. Where there is a climate and health crisis, the search for common solutions is more important than ever.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the organization, Anthony Blinken, along with the Secretary General of the OECD, Matthias Korman of Australia, felt the need to take action:

“We all have some responsibility in this situation. For decades, our member states have been measuring economic success mainly on the basis of GDP (gross domestic product) and stock markets, which do not reflect the reality of billions. Our unprecedented growth is often accompanied by increasing inequalities.

Agreement on the tax of multinational companies on the track

Currently, about 140 countries are participating in the latest OECD discussions on measures to prevent companies from transferring profits to tax hubs, which appear to be moving closer to the global agreement on multinational corporate taxation.

The OECD is expected to announce an agreement on a 15% corporate tax rate in Paris this Friday as part of an important statement.

The goal of this week’s discussion is to get a common text agreed by all states and join non – signatories such as Ireland, Hungary and Estonia to implement it by 2023.

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French Finance Minister Bruno Le Meyer believes this international agreement is possible.

“A compromise could go up to 15% of the actual effective rate,” Bruno Le Meyer said during a conference call. This will “avoid attractive tax rates of 2%, 5% or 6%, which are the actual effective rates applicable by some states, including the European Union,” he added.

This effective 15% tax rate applies to multinational companies with a turnover of at least 50 750 million. Among them, several large technical groups.

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