US government attacks Italy: discriminatory web tax. This threatens retaliation

US government attacks Italy: discriminatory web tax.  This threatens retaliation

Discussion on Tax on digital services provided by US tech giants, Which brings it directly into this particular situation And Italy. This is me ‘Office of the U.S. Trade Representative Not only in our country, but also in India and Turkey Discriminatory policies Apply tax conditions that do not comply with international tax principles.

Therefore, those who have applied a temporary tax system against companies operating on the web are challenging each other, while those who are defending themselves through counter-attacks are threatening countries with commercial retaliation. At present, the USTR is limited to monitoring the situation without making decisions, but the general understanding is that we are making a tough move. Digital taxes levied by Italy, India and Turkey are defined as:

It is irrational and inconsistent with international tax regulations due to application for income rather than income, out-of-territorial application and tax uncertainty.

Another country targeted by the US government FranceLast November officially raised the simple wrath of those who threatened to file a 100% tariff application if the Trump tax web tax was actually implemented, Facebook, Amazon and C made the first tax requests. The deadline set by the former US president to raise taxes on ordinary French products, including cosmetics and bags, by up to 25%, expired a few days ago. It is not clear whether this system has taken effect: these dark days of US democracy may have forced the administration to postpone final decisions on the issue.

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