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Urgent applications from Germany and Ireland are under criticism

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By May 15, WhatsApp users will now have to approve the parent company, Facebook Data Processing – the transfer is highly controversial and controversial, especially in the European Union and Germany. Johannes Caspar, Facebook’s German data protection officer in Hansatik, has now begun emergency procedures. It is aimed directly at the European headquarters in Ireland, where local authorities are also focusing.

“66 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)”, taking into account extraordinary circumstances (…) in terms of art “, Kasper believes that a lawsuit can be filed against Facebook in Ireland from Germany. The goal is to protect the “rights and freedoms of German consumers”. In addition to authorized data transfer for product improvement, analysis, and network / security, it is feared that in the future large amounts of data will be tapped for marketing purposes and direct mail. This is especially important as WhatsApp has access to phonebooks with all kinds of user data.

Criticism is also mounting against the Irish authorities for alleged inaction, making Ireland a contentious issue again in the European Union, which in the past maintained it when imposing taxes on international corporations. Irish authorities allege delays in complaints and inactivity on Facebook. Critics will tell the Irish that they are more interested in the company than the rights of EU citizens. You also know that on Facebook, you now have the opportunity to comment from Irish. The group is on Green Island because it is tax attractive and sometimes convenient when it comes to annoying issues like data protection.

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At the same time, the Germans are tightening their grip on Facebook: Caspar suspects that consent to the new data protection regulations is not allowed. It should be clear that parts of the consent are required as this is a prerequisite for continued use of the Service. Facebook insists that users are not ready to change. As expected, when informing, one makes the minimum and expects users to confirm. “An administrative formal administrative procedure has now been initiated to prevent illegal data transfers and to end the unwarranted pressure on millions of people to consent, to protect victims”.

Facebook sees things a little differently. A company spokesman said the update “does not affect the privacy of messages with friends or family” and added that the existing data transfer will not be extended with consent. The allegations of hamburgers will be examined and misconceptions will be resolved.

That: Hamburg Data Protection Authority

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