Update Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge now for security vulnerabilities

Update Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge now for security vulnerabilities

Although major updates to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge come in every four weeks, minor bug fixes, performance issues, and security glitches continue to creep out of this window. This time, Edge and Chrome received an emergency patch to fill a security hole in Chromium.

This issue has been highlighted as CVE-2022-1096, but the interesting thing is that very little has been published about it so far. The Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) called it “V8 type confusion”.

For those who do not know, V8 is the JavaScript engine used in Chromium. The company emphasizes that exploitation is used in nature and that Google is aware of it. Therefore, the chromium integrated at the edge 99.0.1150.55 deployed the patch at 99.0.4844.84. You can go to Help & Comments> About Microsoft Edge by clicking on the three-dot button in the top right corner of the edge to enable the update manually.

Google does not elaborate on the security breach, but some interesting information is available. The issue was marked “high” and was reported on March 23 by an unnamed person. Because it was natural and obviously a very serious risk, the company quickly repaired Chromium and immediately refused to repair Chrome.

Chrome is available for Windows 99, Mac and Linux with version 99.0.4844.84. To enable the update you have to scroll to the three-dot button in the top right corner of Chrome and go to Help> About Google Chrome.

Older versions of Chromium are more likely to use the issue easily, so Google wants to make the patch available to everyone before more details about the issue are released in a timely manner.

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