Up to 150 or 200 mm near the coast?

Up to 150 or 200 mm near the coast?

Expect a Mediterranean episode Tomorrow is between Friday and Saturday. It will not be unusually intense, but will cause significant accumulation locally, particularly between the south-east of Languedoc, the lower Rhône valley and the Camargue to Crou. More broadly, this episode will benefit the eastern Languedoc with rainfall inland, providing much-needed moisture to nature. Here are the details below.

Hypothetically, the anticyclone is currently retreating to Italy. A small cold front is already moving across the Atlantic, but our services are monitoring a large low pressure system. (He is very dynamic) It now moves from Iceland to Ireland. This low pressure will be near Ireland tomorrow between Friday and Saturday. As we mentioned in our article yesterday: This seems a little far to establish an extreme episode, but it is enough to establish very rainy storms, Especially near the coast and low plains.

The episode starts tomorrow Friday. Beautiful clearings are also possible in the morning, but in Heralt, Gard and Loser the sky is gradually covered with high clouds. Within hours, sea inlets form in highly unstable air masses (MUCAPE values ​​> 1500 J/kg). We expect a chance of showers and/or thunderstorms in the afternoon in Gard and eastern Herald. These storms are widespread, but can affect coastal plains or relief areas and produce isolated heavy rainfall.

At the end of the day, a compulsion comes from the west. Temporarily, the Pyrénées-Orientales, Aude and Western Herald sometimes favor the outbreak of strong thunderstorms, where you can get hail and heavy rain. However, these storms are quite localized and do not affect all municipalities. During the following evening and night, the force continued to advance eastward. Then there is Chance of very inactive and very rainy thunderstorms Somewhere between the extreme east of Hérault, south of Gard, and the valley of the Rhône valley, or in the Alpilles and Crouve:

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In these areas, we can have accumulation 50 to 70 mm/1 hour Very locally Up to 150 mm in 3 hours. It will of course be very localized, but it can cause strong currents and hail, wind gusts or tornado phenomena in urban areas. Although the rains are increasing inland, they should be beneficial. A few hours of calm is expected before unsettled weather resumes on Saturday.

The circumstances seem to be more or less the same. Heavy thundershowers will occur over low plains. In the interior, we have stormy rains, but of normal intensity and always very profitable for thirsty nature. A scene to reform, Still subject to changeCan present in isolation Strong phenomena in some municipalities But at the scale of the region it is often common.

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