Unusual range: This is the calm before the storm

Unusual range: This is the calm before the storm

March 18, 2021 Thursday 7:23 PM – Winter in Quebec was very calm. Storms are rare. Also, March is still very dry. However, a change of government will take place by the end of the month to allow the storms to flow into the province.

In short:

  • Storm deficit Quebec;
  • Minor storms since 2010;
  • Active time planned for the next two weeks.

Rare storms

In Quebec, on average, the cold season causes a storm every seven days. This year, that gap has widened significantly. In fact, well-organized systems were greatly affected, but many of them adopted a path in the southern part of the province. The winter record is verbal: 2010 is the quietest year in this regard.

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The dead calmed down

Starting March 20 at the Equinox, we expect a beautiful line of good weather. Significantly higher than normal temperature lasts more than a week. A high pressure regime will be established in the province that will protect it from the systems.

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Dietary change

By the end of next week, a turntable jet stream will be allowed to recover. The high winds will eventually help the depression in Quebec to pass. The first system from South America will rain. A storm can blow because this disturbance is accompanied by strong winds.

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The decisive path

During this period, Quebec receives twice as much rain as in the last week of March. This second system can be called the cold path, i.e. snow is possible.

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