‘Unnecessary’ waiting for Macron’s tour

'Unnecessary' waiting for Macron's tour

It came in Kuwait “Al-Rai”: Lebanon entered the holiday month as a “later” until the end of the year, as it could be a “finishing line” for last expectations. Breaks into the rapid collapse before the start of the stormy “election year”, it will be printed as a parliamentary right and spring will fall later. Presidential “2022”, “tightening the belts” was often witnessed by “cedars” when they arrived.

Given the dollar’s exchange rate soaring above 25,000 25,000 and the even more disgusting performance of “disastrous” inflation waves, December is “boiling” on the streets as the state of mobilization recovers, and President Najib Mikati, Judea, was ousted on October 12 last year by a political race to overcome the crisis facing the government over the next four weeks. Hezbollah and its speaker, Nabih Berry, have announced that they will not run in the by-elections. Judge Tariq Bitar, the investigator in the Beirut port blast, said “problems” were deepened by the statements of Information Minister George Kardashian, who is hostile to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and their political diplomacy flew in multiple directions. Gulf break with official Lebanon.

With the exception of 3 meetings held exclusively for the Lebanese Executive Authority since August 10, 2020 (September 20), the families of the government that has not been reconciled after gaining the confidence of Parliament are being crushed. The date of President Hassan Diab’s resignation in the wake of the Hiroshima bombing of the port has become a “target” in itself. The “backward leap” in Lebanon’s reality after “marketing” reflects the “deep backwardness” of the 24 ministers born on September 10 and the restoration of their “political-partisan quotas” level, and the decisive opportunity for a government to survive, even if it is incomplete ” Local-international intersections that provide an opportunity and … an opportunity for survival.

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In the last few hours, the atmosphere of the possibility of a compromise – a transfer between President Michael Owen and Berry and his successor “Hezbollah”‘s team on the Bitar issue – will allow government sessions to resume. Indicate efforts to “expand the boundaries” of this compromise, another controversy involving the “Free Patriotic Movement” and its leader, Gibran Basil, in which Bank du Liban fought to oust Riyadh’s governor. Table. Government decisions are required on multiple points.

As the government’s complexity increased over time after the crisis, these circles believed that any setbacks or ballot box calculations of a party were the requirements of the popular “mobileization” of elections that had become their “syndrome”. In the event that an event or existence related to the presidential election, which President Owen attributes to his appearance through “Al-Jazeera” is referred to as “Parliament 2022” and extends to Parliament, it is up to the President to decide whether or not to remain in the Babda Palace, which is what happened in the case of the two former presidents.

Ohn’s position was considered from another angle, as his previous statement about a caretaker’s refusal to surrender to the government after his term expired was interpreted as a “paper-collecting” affair. Son-in-law Basil with elements of strength in the presidential election. , In the run-up to the May parliamentary elections, the country’s entry into politics and government (in light of the veto that blocked them out) is on the horizon. March), its calculations and results are intertwined with the presidential election, indicating that 2022 will be the year of the “most severe” seasons of total collapse. Processes are open for conflict in the region, demarcation and sharing of influence.

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Prime Minister’s sources quoted him yesterday as saying, “It simply came to our notice then. Before you knew it, it’s kind of like saying and doing, reconsider as soon as possible and let him and his government work. “To save the country and the people from what they have.” Beirut is in anticipation of the French. President Emmanuel Macron’s Gulf tour will take place on Friday and Saturday, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, where the Lebanese address, especially his crisis with the Gulf, is expected to be absent.

Macron is not expected to produce any results under this heading, especially as Lebanon has failed to take the first restraining action following Khardahi’s resignation, and political circles have stopped short of uttering words from Qatar, particularly his statement on the crisis with the Gulf: We must distinguish that this problem is reflected in the entire Lebanese people, while the words that cause the tension are uttered by a media organization that does not belong to Lebanon and is not on Lebanese soil. However, the entire responsibility lies with the Lebanese people. This is unfair, “in parallel with confirming the desire to establish a better relationship with it,” he recalled. We will not allow attacks on Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, or on their citizens. “He insulted me and no action was taken against him for insulting me. Instead, he asked the foreign minister to do the same. Necessarily, he actually asked her to step down from her duties.

Source: Kuwait Roy

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