Unnecessary shops, hair salons and gyms are back in business

Unnecessary shops, hair salons and gyms are back in business

Businesses reopening their premises to the public today across the country following the easing of the Covid-19 regulations include non-essential retail shops, hair and beauty providers, gyms and leisure centers.

Cinemas, museums and galleries can also be reopened, but pubs serving food and restaurants will remain closed until Friday.

Six weeks after closing, as Christmas approaches, customer demand for in-store shopping is expected to increase and many services are expected to strengthen.

Retail Ireland predicts that it will spend a typical month and above on retail outlets this December.

However, after a long period of closure, businesses face many challenges in preparing for reopening, ensuring that they have enough stock and staff ready.

Many have taken extra hygiene measures to keep staff and customers safe and to deal with spectators and queuing.

Local authorities work with retailers to provide guidelines for queue handling outside the premises.

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Some shopping centers have also set up temporary shelters outside their customers to limit the number of visitors due to congestion.

To avoid even walking, some retailers say they will be open tonight and tomorrow, and many others will open earlier and later than usual.

The Dublin Town organization expects two-thirds of last year’s to be between now and Christmas.

Public transport capacity will be increased from 25 per cent to 50 per cent to meet the additional demand.

The National Transportation Authority has urged the public to use public transportation only for necessary journeys and to avoid peak time travel to ensure that there is sufficient capacity for essential workers and children traveling to and from school.

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That is the latest government guideline Face masks should be worn in crowded or congested door areas There is a significant congregation there, like the busy shopping streets.

People are asked to stay home from work if they do not need to be present in person.

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