Unknown rocks would have inhabited the earth billions of years ago

Un vue d'artiste de la Terre primitive. © Nasa, JPL-Caltech, Peter Rubin

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L ‘Hadeen Is the period in the history of Terre The most mysterious thing is that we do not have any archives preserved in the underground rocks that actually tell us about the state of our blue planet 4 billion years ago. We do not really know if the oceans already existed at that time and if life had appeared there would have been less. Publications on this subject have been following and contradicting each other for decades..

Undoubtedly, at least at the beginning of Hadean, the earth was covered by an ocean. Magma Although global and eventually forming a crust, volcanic activity and bombingAsteroids as well as Comets We must turn our planet into a hell worthy of at least a hundred million years for the Greek god Hades.

Formation theory Solar System Always tells usAtmosphere The land must have been rich Gas Lack of carbonic and biogenic oxygen. So there must be a fort Greenhouse effect And Then our Blue Planet should look like Venus. During this time there must have been something that removes large amounts of CO from the atmosphere.2 To trap it in the form of rocks.

Two researchers from Yale and Caltech Universities in the United States, Jun Corinaga Yoshinori Miyazaki also published in the popular newspaper Nature An interesting article by Modeling The global transformation of primitive earth caused it to pass from one ball to another Fire Powered by Blogger The ocean is almost a planet Over a period of about 500 million years. Their work brings with it a new perspective on falling into the trap of carbon dioxide and the fact that Earth has become a habitable and inhabited planet, which it is not today. VenusIf one does not believe the arguments about what is possible Discovery of phosphine molecules in the upper cloud layers of Venus’ atmosphere.

Disappearing Exotic Pyroxenites

Korenaga and Miyazaki now argue that during the Hadian period, rocks that did not exist today reacted with water. Liquid According to geochemical processes, the Earth’s atmosphere was 100,000 times richer Carbon dioxide Than today.

Rules of ThermodynamicsFluid mechanics and that Body nature And some Chemistry In Hedian modeling, the Earth’s interior is constructed using the atmosphere Equations Two geologists point out that particularly rich rocks saved the Earth from hell with a surface temperature of over 200 degrees Celsius. Minerals Belongs to a large family of pyroxenes – from the Greek Fire (Fire) and Foreign (Stranger): “Stranger in the Fire” -, Silicates They are common components of igneous and metamorphic rocks found on Earth today.

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These foreign rocks, which no longer exist, were particularly rich Magnesium According to researchers who cover our planet and give it a dark green color, such rocks (pyroxenite) must react with CO.2 Provides carbonates.

The idea that the formation of carbonates made it possible to remove large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere Limestone Hedian invested soon after Archean OceansThis is not new and has long been considered by geologists.

But the new model of the Coronaga and Miyazaki, The Coat The heat and convection of the HadithArchean In combination with these exotic pyroxenites, carbon dioxide is released 10 times faster than previous mantle models. The crust of the earth. It will only take 160 million years.

As a bonus, as noted in a press release from Yale University, the interactions of the first ocean waters with the now extinct pyroxenites will be similar to those observed today at the famous level. Sources Hydroelectricity From The Lost City (Lost city) in the middle of the Atlantic.

There are reactions Agiotic A process known as serpentization between seawater and the upper mantle peridotite. It makes a lot of fluids Hydrogen Methane, all of these processes are relevant to some theories The origin of life on earth.

Herv കോ Cottin, Astrochemist, University Professor, LISA, University of Paris Est Créteil / University of Paris / CNRS, Tell us about the AstrobioEducation site that invites you to discover Exobiology. In the universe. Through an educational journey divided into 12 phases, researchers from a variety of disciplines will help you understand how science works to answer intriguing questions about the origin of life and its research anywhere on Earth. © French Society of Exobiology

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