University accommodation in Ireland is among the most expensive in Europe

University accommodation in Ireland is among the most expensive in Europe

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University accommodation in Ireland costs more than UK prices. Only one university in London is ahead of Dublin in the rankings, and if we look at the ten most expensive universities in Europe, six are Irish. A survey also shows that the number of apartment offers is decreasing. This means that students are obligated to accept any accommodation.

From our correspondent in Dublin, Laura Tauchanov

At Trinity College Dublin, Cathal is one of three privileged students who work in the small university store. fifteen hours a week to improve his studies in psychology: ” I’m from Cork and I have friends back home who didn’t go to college because it was too expensive. Me, I was lucky: I pay 600 euros per month for a student housing. We are new to it! Our fireplace hasn’t worked for five months and the shower has no door. Finding in wholesale is as little as you’ll pick up. »

Luxury residences

The lack of student accommodation is partly explained, revealing This survey is from the University of Galway, by developing luxury student residences with a cinema room, for example. Few students can afford them, explains Nathan Murphy, vice-president of the students’ union at DCU, Dublin City University: Students cannot pay 250 or 300 euros per week. I see people driving 6 hours round trip to get to college. They would rather pay that fee in Dublin. They lose social life and their attendance decreases. »

With these exorbitant prices, the risk is to penalize disabled people and discourage international students from coming to Ireland.

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