“United States, victims of a segregated neurosis”

"United States, victims of a segregated neurosis"

Figarovox / Interview – Lori Lightfoot, City Councilor in the third largest city in the United States, allows only black, mixed-race journalists to be questioned. Writer Rachel Khan laments that the mayor of Chicago opposes “races and communities” under the guise of fighting discrimination.

Rachel Khan is a lawyer, screenwriter, actress and writer. In his last article, Race (Observatory), they ridicule the new “apocalyptic” and “intersectional” ideologies, which, under the guise of racism, are only fuel resentment, in her opinion.

Figarovox. – Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announces that only black or mixed-race journalists will be interviewed. What is your opinion on this statement?

Rachel Khan. – This statement by the Chicago mayor does not come as a blow to the hair in the soup. This is the logic that some associations like Farah Khan have brought to the extreme of racism. For more than thirty years, that is what I have been referring to in my book RaceSome African-American individuals have adopted such radical positions.

This announcement comes from an elected official, from the highly iconic city of Chicago. This also means that the United States is very wet Awakening They are now ready to accept such references that further divide their society. As long as “race” is an election criterion no matter what the subject, the word has no choice but to qualify as racist. The second clearly reconstructs a segregated neurosis.

What does it mean to deny an interview with a white man? In the subtitle it means that there will only be “minorities” who can understand the mayor or ask the right questions. It’s scary to say the least. This means, White blames, that in fact only “relatives” are really capable. The primary skill of this profession will come down to the color of the skin.

Remorse, guilt, and wrong thinking created very dangerous “useful jokes.”

Rachel Khan

Will white journalists who supported the Black Lives Matter movement accept this censorship?

They are more likely to accept it.

Remorse, guilt, and wrong thinking created very dangerous “useful jokes.”

In Europe we are far from it, but I still got it after it came out Race, The suggestions of such journalists (whites) who explained to me that I was a traitor to the cause. This is not entirely consistent with what they are defending in terms of black freedom of expression.

So, I think some people can tell for themselves “This is a fair game. You’re right to take revenge after we’ve done it.” But questions remain: where is the repair of history? ; What is the benefit? ; How can we escape from this “race” that has been torn apart for centuries?

In your opinion, are we witnessing the emergence of a new dictatorship?

It is true that these seem like the worst times in history.

After all, what we see emerging is not between classes, but between races. To say that we reject a journalist because he is white is to open a new page in history, where the struggle against discrimination validates the chosen one, leading to rejection, revenge and humiliation. This is extremely violent.

We are all concerned against all discrimination and all injustice because we are free and equal. It is through this common struggle that our humanity is deployed.

Rachel Khan

Also, what does this mean in this ultra-mediated world? Although we are going to get black media and white media, everyone will talk about topics that are of interest to the community they are marketing to. This is a separatist logic that is completely contrary to our fundamentalism and universality. It is universality that attacks these intolerances and dictatorial currents. In fact, it is because we are free and equal that we all become anxious against all discrimination and all injustice. It is through this common struggle that our humanity is deployed.

It is not true that such a developed country can create such backward thoughts.

When fear overcomes all minds White supremacy It’s going to do the same … I do not understand the story that America is preparing after they go through horrible events, I hope we will not be colonized by this racial imperialism.

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