United States .. “Daisy” telescope to measure the expansion of the universe

United States .. "Daisy" telescope to measure the expansion of the universe

Spectroscopic device “Daisy” DC Arizona Desert With the aim of conducting spectral astronomical surveys of distant galaxies over the next five years, their five thousand “eyes” Optical fiber, In the night sky, trying to observe and analyze the light of 35 million galaxies at different times in the history of the universe.

These data should allow scientists to understand what the nigu force is calling forDark .nergyResponsibility for acceleration Expansion of the universeAs explained in a statement, the program is overseen by the US Department of Energy’s “Berkeley Lab” laboratory, according to AFP.

As the universe expands, the galaxies move farther and farther apart, and the light emitted from the shifts increases to longer wavelengths of the observed spectrum, i.e., red. The French Atomic Energy Commission participated in this astronomical mission.

He can by analyzing the radiation of galaxies Telescope Daisy can measure this redshift relative to the speed of distance, so these galaxies provide information about distance from Earth.

Researchers can “create a three-dimensional map of the universe with unprecedented details that show a number.” Spectra of galaxies According to the French government body AFP reports that “ten times more than is currently known.”

“The telescope can collect 5,000 spectrum galaxies every 20 minutes,” said Christophe Yish, a cosmologist at the Atomic Energy Commission.

Thanks to the detailed distribution of this spectrum on the map, the researchers hope to better understand the nature of dark energy and its effects. This invisible element of the universe acts as a frightening force that explains why the universe accelerated its expansion billions of years ago.

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