United States: Apocalyptic green skies surprise residents and meteorologists

United States: Apocalyptic green skies surprise residents and meteorologists

EA blue sky between the clouds. At dawn and dusk, orange or pink. Sometimes the sky is yellow Countries bordering the Mediterranean have been observed due to sirocco, and this wind is accompanied by sand. And the green sky? Apart from the appearance of the aurora, the performance of such a sky remains extraordinary. However, on Saturday, July 2, residents of South Dakota (United States) were surprised to be able to observe one. Stunned and sometimes frightened by this apocalyptic vision, many Internet users shared images of the show on social networks and sought answers to the phenomenon. This information is being communicated on Thursday 7th July, BFM TV Arousing especially violent storms and hail. Climate change was reported over hundreds of kilometers.

On its website, the National Weather Service (NWS) explains that “a widespread and persistent windstorm associated with rain or rapid thunderstorms” crossed the Midwestern state during the observations. Meteorologists point out that in this case, due to the unstable interaction between the scattered light from the sun and the particles present in the atmosphere, the sky can acquire an unusual color before or during a thunderstorm.

Hail after green

The gray blue of the rain clouds thus blends with the yellow and red colors of the sunset. The interview was conducted by Huffington Post, confirms Cory Martin, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, that this unusual color can be an indicator of heavy hail to come. “To get this color there must be a large amount of water in the cloud, which usually means, like large hail, a significant amount of ice,” says the specialist. If the natives avoid any calamity that this unusual sky raises the fear of, they will not be able to overcome a large hailstorm.

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