United States. After Donald Trump, the knives are pulled to the right

United States.  After Donald Trump, the knives are pulled to the right

Trump Removed from the White House by Senate Democrats, by the time the Republican Party is counted. With the midterm elections (November 2022) already in favor of the opposition, a game of three pillow billiards is emerging, which is devastating for the right.

La Bande de Trump

The former president has retired from Florida, and his lieutenants carry the direction and funding of the Republican National Committee. The popular billionaire is taking advantage of his 74 million presidential voters. He has Escaped from Senate Trial, It is possible – at this point – to make a comeback in 2024.

On Tuesday, February 16, he attacked his main rival, Senate right-wing leader Mitch McConnell, the most important Republican in Washington: “Mitch is a bad political leader, and if Republican senators stay with him, they will no longer succeed. “

McConnell’s team

The Kentucky senator is a strategist who has maintained parliamentary rights with Trump for four years. On Saturday, February 13, he voted to acquit the former president, declaring the trial unconstitutional, and the military (forty-three of the fifty Republican senators) arrested him. His loyalty ended there. McConnell soon tempted Trump “Moral and Practical Responsibility” Of the attack on the Capitol on January 6 (five killed).

While being Joe Biden Revealing Trump’s legacy, McConnell claims to be what’s left of it: Senate confirmation of conservative justices (three in the Supreme Court, 200 in the federal courts).

Especially when Trump threatens anyone who allows him to leave Vendetta In the 2022 primary, McConnell put forward a guarantee of the best interests of the party: “I will support the candidates who I think will win the election and those who like Trump and those who do not,” he said. “

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Anti-Trump group

Since 2016, marginalized Republicans have been vocal or moderate. By abstaining or voting for Biden, anti-Trump elements such as former Arizona Senator Jack Flake or former Ohio Governor John Kasich helped oust the extremist. From White House. They now want to restore a right “Gentleman”.

Last week, dozens of people met to settle two options: merge or separate a current within the party at risk of being stripped of power from power for a long time.

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Donald Trump and Senate right-wing leader Mitch McConnell in May 2019.  Both are vying for Republican leadership.

United States. After Donald Trump, the knives are pulled to the rightUst- France.fr

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