United States: 9 days before trial, Trump has no more lawyers

United States: 9 days before trial, Trump has no more lawyers

Nine days before the start of the impeachment trial, Donald Trump did not have a lawyer. The five specialists who were supposed to defend the former president in the Senate either left Trump or fired him.

“We have a lot of work to do, but we have not made a final decision about our legal team, it will be decided soon,” Trump adviser Jason Miller wrote on Twitter.

“Democrats’ attempts to remove an already ousted president are unconstitutional and detrimental to our country,” he added, confirming the reasons for the divorce: strategy.

Senator Lindsay Graham, zealous in supporting Donald Trump, asked Georgia’s Secretary of State to get rid of the postal ballot, and South Carolina attorneys Butch Bowers and Deborah Barberry are reported to be leading the team. But according to CNN, they gave up. Trump wanted his lawyers to continue arguing the essay on massive presidential fraud, which he failed to prove despite numerous appeals, instead of focusing on the legitimacy of the lawsuits he was raising. Congress has never tried a president who is not in the White House, and the question of the constitutionality of the procedure arises. According to the American Channel and other media, he refuses to even discuss it.

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The long-awaited trial from February 9

The other three lawyers associated with the team were Josh Howard of North Carolina, Johnny Gausser of South Carolina, and Greg Harris.

A year ago, during the first pre-congressional trial in the context of the Ukrainian case, Donald Trump, and then when he was in power, also had Pat Cipolon and Patrick Philbin. One or the other does not seem to have been requested for the time being.

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Congress blamed Trump on Jan. 13 following a violent siege of the U.S. capital that killed five people in Washington on Jan. 6. A few hours ago, the then President asked his supporters to show their strength and fight for him. His trial is set to begin on February 9. It is hoped that the trial will break the audio recordings and give the president a new platform. With or without a lawyer.

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