United Kingdom: Boris Johnson’s hope to build a bridge between Northern Ireland and Great Britain is too expensive and too long

United Kingdom: Boris Johnson's hope to build a bridge between Northern Ireland and Great Britain is too expensive and too long

Which bridge is the bridge between Great Britain and the British province of Northern Ireland? Boris buried Johnson’s dream. A feasibility study condemns excessive cost and very long construction time. The idea of ​​connecting Northern Ireland with other parts of the United Kingdom, particularly Scotland, was separated by a bridge by sea, and although it had spread over the years, it gained momentum under the leadership of Boris Johnson. As part of a study published on Friday on transport infrastructure in the United Kingdom, the Conservative leader called on a team of experts in 2020 to examine the feasibility of the project.

“Innovative 21st century technologies in civil engineering will enable the construction of a bridge or tunnel between Great Britain and Northern Ireland,” the experts concluded. However, for technical and safety reasons, a tunnel will be restricted to rail use only. The bridge or tunnel is “the longest” ever built, given the technical challenges posed by the sea, they added, at 335 billion and 209 billion pounds (395 and 247 billion euros, respectively). From project design to approval and construction, it would take “approximately 30 years” for such a crossing to become operational.

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“For the time being, the benefits should not exceed the cost of the public purse,” they recommend, adding that the project should not continue. In the Northern Irish province, the plan was supported by some pro-British politicians who saw it as a way to strengthen the strained relations through Brexit.

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Boris Johnson has a notorious history of bridges: when he was mayor of London, he started a huge ‘Garden Bridge’ project over the Tory Thames, which was completed at a cost of .5 53.5 million (63 63 million). ).

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