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United is out of jail after a late escape in Brighton

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Bruno Fernandes converted a penalty in extra time when Manchester United snatched the play in an incident in Brighton.

Fernandes converted from 12 yards on the final kick of the game after referee Chris Cavanagh fined Neil Mae Pai for handball for consulting with the pitchside monitor.

Soli March seems to have earned the points they deserved by going home five minutes before Marcus Rashford’s stunning solo effort was canceled.

After Cavanagh seemed to blow the whistle full time at the start, Fernandes had one last thing to say.

Just before a Louis Dunk own own goal break, Ma Poe’s bad opener quickly drew level from the penalty spot, but the goals were far from the full story.

Struggling to impress United, second-placed second-half goals were not allowed in the afternoon, while the Seagulls were notable five times in the woodwork. Another spot-kick award was also invalidated following a VAR review.

Aaron Connolly played 75 minutes for Brighton

Brighton boss Abraham Stephen Potter commented that United were the best team to visit Amex Stadium last season.

Solskjer have returned to the team to run a riot to record a comprehensive 3-0 victory here while keeping Victor Lindelof’s under-fire following last weekend’s confidence, bringing victory to Aaron van Bischoff, Nemanja Mathieu and Mason Greenwood to Crystal Palace at the end of June.

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After an unexpected defeat to the Palace, for the first time in 28 years, the 20-time English champions were bidding to avoid consecutive defeats at the start of a Premier League season.

That unnecessary statistic was likely to be effective when Leandro Trossard hit both posts from the edge of the box, with Albion team member Adam Webster advancing against the crossbar within the first half hour.

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Recalling Greenwood then attempted a build-up offside against Rashford, with Albion striker M uppey opening the scoring with his third goal in two games.

The Frenchman, who registered a brace in Newcastle last weekend, bravely sank home from 12 yards after Fernandez was fined for challenging Tariq Lampte.

After gaining the advantage of their display, the Seagulls surrendered it 194 seconds later, drawing at the break.

Fernandez’s free kick from the left side was deflected by Matic. Under pressure from Harry Maguire, Dunk deviated from his fifth Premier League goal of his career.

With the draw credited to Dunk, United ‘s first attempt at goal finally came in the 44th minute when Matic flew straight into Ryan from a distance.

Brighton, who have won three games in a row without conceding in the League or the Carabao Cup, played with a lot of confidence and stretched the pitch at every opportunity.

The hosts thought they had a chance to regain the lead quickly within two minutes of resuming.

Cavanagh changed his mind after seeing Paul Pogba initially punished for his trip to Aaron Connolly and seeing the incident on the pitch side monitor.

Minutes later United defeated VAR. Although Rashford moved the ball into the net and the flag did not go up at first, he was clearly offside.

However, Rashford should not be dismissed for too long, as he put United ahead 2-1 through personal effort.

After collecting the ball from Fernandes, he danced around the Seagulls defense.

Brighton were far from beating, deserving at least one point. Low effort came from inside the right post in March before completing a hat-trick against Trosard Bar.

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Returning to the fourth round of the Carabao Cup on Wednesday evening, United appeared to have overcome the pressure before the unmarked march began wild celebrations.

However, there was a late twist in the story.

During the remarkable end of the match, players from both teams surrounded the match official Djokovic. This culminated in a quiet spot kick by Fernandez after Maguire advanced against the up hand of the up.

During the riots, Portugal was the quietest person at the International Stadium. A crazy encounter when the ball is sent to the top right corner.

Fernandes later told BT Sport: “It was a tough game. We gave them a lot of space to play, they were not as aggressive as we wanted them to be. We scored two goals and could do better.

“Brighton did very well. Everyone can say they deserve more, but the point is to score more goals, not to hit the crossbar or post.”

Potter said: “We had more chances and shots, and hit a few times in the woods, but sometimes football is not right – I have to admit, it hurts.

“We played with real courage and spirit – I would say we deserved something from the game, I would say it was a flaw.

“I thought we scored through the final kick of the game – I don’t know where the extra time to be honest came from.

“In the time we have, we are disappointed in admitting our way.”

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