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The Union Irish Party of Northern Ireland announced on Tuesday (8) that it had elected Paul Givaner as Prime Minister of the British-ruled region after the resignation of Arlene Foster, despite strong tensions over Brexit.

New DUP leader Edwin Boots announced on Twitter the appointment of Juan, 39, a member of the Northern Ireland Regional Assembly and a staunch supporter.

Northern Ireland has been embroiled in new tensions since the EU’s move from the European Union to the United Kingdom on January 1, as special trade agreements were signed with the Republic of Ireland to prevent the return of the physical border and maintain peace.

Foster, 50, announced in April that he would step down as DUP leader at the end of May and eventually become head of local government in June due to its weakness in imposing customs restrictions on UK products under Brexit.

Edwin Boots, a creationist agriculture minister who rejects the theory of evolution and is convinced that Christ was created 4,000 years before Christ, was chosen to lead the party.

But he preferred to retain his current position, so he appointed Giwan as local executive head.

If he does not want to overthrow the executive, which was re-established in 2020 after three years of political paralysis, then the former Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, the former political faction of Republican Deputy Prime Minister Sinn Fin, is a defunct armed IRA group.

Under the Good Friday Peace Accords, the Union and Republican parties jointly run a regional executive, ending a bloody conflict between Catholic Republicans and Protestant Unionists in 1998 and killing 3,500 in 30 years.

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