Uninterrupted tolls between Paris and Normandy by the end of 2024

Uninterrupted tolls between Paris and Normandy by the end of 2024

We can pass the toll immediately without stopping! Sanef Motorway announced on Wednesday that it will install uninterrupted tolls on the A13 and A14 motorways connecting Paris with Normandy by the end of 2024. Vehicles passing through are detected by sensors in the gantries. The system should be able to reduce traffic congestion and provide space for nature.

By passing through gates fitted with cameras and sensors that can detect vehicles, users can travel at the approved speed on the motorway without slowing down or stopping, the Society of Autoroutes du Nord et l’Est de France explained. (Sanef) said in a press release. Their account will be automatically debited if they subscribe to the electronic toll payment. If they do not, they can either register their license plate on the Sanef website or application, or pay by phone, online or through a physical terminal.

SANEF promises “time savings, fuel savings, and reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.” Weekend traffic jams are currently required to stop four times on the legendary A13 between Paris and Deauville and five times between Paris and Cain.

A system widely used abroad

The work will continue until 2027 – 28 hectares, equivalent to 40 football fields according to the company – by destroying existing toll barriers. The value of the investment is approximately 120 120 million, a quarter of which will be protected by a 0.22% annual tariff increase for three years from 1 February 2022.

Sanef has been testing this formula since March 2019 at the Boule-Moselle interchange on the A4 motorway. “The technology has proven its reliability and customers are familiar with this new payment system,” she assures us. This system, called “free-flow” – or “free-flow” in French, is already widely used abroad (South Africa, Chile, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, etc.), especially in groups. Spanish Abertis, Sanef’s parent company.

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A similar device is expected to be adopted in the future A79 motorway, which will be built by ePhage, which is set to open in the fall of 2022 in Alliere.

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