(Unfortunately) this year 2020 went unnoticed

In the continuous flow of series releases, it is sometimes difficult to sort. Other than that, we do not know why, but this year we were a little careless… In short, if you think about what has happened between your series fan cracks in recent months, we are here for you.

രിയ Warrior »(OCS)

It was Bruce Lee’s dream: a series of martial arts in the world of the American West. Since the introduction of the concept of La Warner in the 1970s, the legendary martial artist’s skin has been denied the lead role due to its color and accent, and they have been recreated without reconsideration.

Nearly half a century later, Bruce Lee’s daughter rediscovers her father’s notes, and so on Warrior. Produced by Justin Lynn (best known for Fast & Furious Saga), the series traces its origins to the late XIX, during the Flip-flop War in San Francisco.e Century. Warrior mafia wars are largely focused on Chinese society in the city, where women are defeated just like men. The fight scenes are remarkable and flawless stages, with a leading actor Andrew Cozy performing his own stunts. A few worship episodes, such as “Le Sang” and “La Merde”, pay homage to the Western sect, and complete this harsh and intensely entertaining cocktail with hints of sexual tension.

“Parliament” (France TV)

An interesting French series, well written and well commented? Thanks Parliament, The chain of these terms is no longer an oxymoron. Humor about a young European parliamentary assistant has just arrived in Brussels, and this French TV production is playing with European bureaucratic absurdities, with the stunning look of the great Xavier Loquale shining here in the role of Sami.

We feel its impact Office In composition, the moderation and absurdity of its characters are interesting, but also in acting, and more naturally a European group than we see on French TV. Add to this some successful romantic tensions between Sami and an English parliamentary assistant, and you have the best comedy series of 2020.

Virtues (Art)

Shane Meadows, Super Director This is England, Really has a knack for breaking our heart into a thousand pieces. In this partially autobiographical mini-series, the filmmaker describes a monster he took decades to confront: he was sexually abused at a young age and long oppressed.

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The film tells the story of an Irishman named Joseph who gets drunk while his ex – wife and son travel to the other side of the world. Confused, the man decides to reconnect with his roots and travels to Ireland to find his lost sister. Once there, he will face a past of unthinkable pain. This all seems dim, but the rest is guaranteed: Virtues It is a great story of reconstruction, hope and patience. Everything is worn by Stephen Abraham (Boardwalk Empire, Gangs of New York) At its peak and against work in the lead role.

വക Servant »(Apple TV +)

Tip: Don’t read anything about the plot of this scary series before you start. Know that this is about a wealthy, less annoying couple who hired a nanny to take care of their baby. Created and written by Tony Bassglope, Slave Grand Prince M. of Twist. Produced and Partially Directed by Knight Shyamalan (among others) Sixth Sense.

So obviously, each episode is part of something amazing, twisted and shared. Hein ???? It felt good. In a mostly frozen and icy atmosphere on camera, Slave Allow the tension to rise slowly until the final episode of deep twisting. In addition to the handwriting, Lauren Ambrose’s notable performance contributes to the series (At six feet), Became a very upset young mother. Slave It has already been updated for two seasons, so you know what to do.

«Away (Netflix)

This is one of the best paradoxes of Peak TV: among the series that were canceled earlier this year, we found This is the best production Netflix Big budget It stars Hillary Swank as an astronaut exploring Mars. Together with four international specialists, Emma embarks on the Green Atlas rocket for a voyage to the Red Planet, which will last for years and at worst kill it. Behind her, she leaves her husband and teen’s violent daughter, who must adapt to their new reality without her.

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Jason Katins, his sensitive fiber has already made us cry Friday Nights Lights And Parenting, Produced the series and signed one of the episodes. So, no wonder we swallow a single season at full speed, we can take it many times with the feeling of this well oiled product. When all the tears in our bodies are not in a rush to cry, we are amazed by an actor (Hillary Swank, Josh Charles) who is in complete control of their art.

ഡ് Ted Lasso »(Apple TV +)

When we see Apple TV + releasing a comedy about an English football club, we don’t have to rush in front of our screens. After that it was a mistake Ted Lasso One of the best series of 2020. Filled with tenderness and tenderness, it tells the story of the arrival of an American football coach in London, where he had to coach an English football team. Sure, he knows nothing about the sport, but that doesn’t stop him from showing great communication enthusiasm and quickly conquering the hearts of his new players.

Jason Sudekis is delicious in the lead role and also convinces us of Ted’s sincerity without being naive or stupid. In addition to giving us heartburn, the series is very well written and full of hilarious lines. It’s been updated for a season 2, so Ted’s adventures should continue to make us a little happier.

«P-Valley» (Starsplay)

If we draw a wen diagram between a very enjoyable series and a very intelligent series, P-Valley The middle will be right. Created by playwright Katori Hall, the program follows the daily lives of the employees of Pink, a small strip club in Mississippi.

Unlike the usual clichs, the series shows the image of the strippers behind the curtain and shows the hard work it takes to get into the sky. But the greatest asset of this series is the gallery of exquisite and stunning characters; From the big-mouthed and big-hearted club star Mercedes to the club’s non-binary boss Uncle Clifford to the autumn, to the new recruitment that hides a painful past.

റൂ Comedy Rule »(Canal +)

If you’re tired of the four season series, Comedy Rule You must like it. In just four episodes, this American production traces the history of James Comey’s last year as head of the FBI and Donald Trump’s rise to power – from Hillary Clinton’s emails to Russian interference in the US election. The cast is solid gold, with Jeff Daniels in the lead, Trump’s Brendan Gleeson and Sally Yates’ Holy Hunter.

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The series deals with a very recent story, sometimes it seems like you are watching a documentary, but it works from beginning to end. In short, this is the best series to return to the early anarchy before Trump left the White House in January.

ക Homecoming »(Amazon Prime Video)

In the first season of this gossip thriller, we were already in the throes of an upheaval, to an extent that aimed at the official goal of treating American soldiers. But Season 2 exceeds our expectations, thanks to the arrival of an interesting new female character played by the stunning Janelle Moni.

At the beginning of this new season, the suspicious woman gets on a boat in the middle of a lake, not knowing what happened to her, or who she is. Impeccably structured episodes allow us to put the plot together like a puzzle until an interesting conclusion. As a bonus, we never saw it come as a spoiler, a lesbian love story.

െയിം Framework »(Starsplay)

We already liked the first season This is an American comedy drama A young Muslim from New Jersey tries to reconcile his faith and the daily life of a long millennium, and the second part remains dark. Maharshala Ali, a two – time Oscar winner, stars here. Sheikh serving as Rami’s spiritual guide.

The charisma of the actor NILAVU This is enough to convince us to watch the screen explode again and ten seasons of the series. With secondary characters, the protagonist’s mother or uncle, Rami is in interesting episodes, for example, the series shines particularly well, appreciating its place in recent great discoveries.

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