Under-21s beat Ireland 2-0 Italy: Qualifying for Euro 2023

Under-21s beat Ireland 2-0 Italy: Qualifying for Euro 2023

Dublin. In Dublin, on the plateau of Ireland, Italy finds victory again, with pizza bomber Lorenzo Luka breaking the five-day right-sniper and 90s fast in the 30’s first half of the first half. Cancelley, who signed 2-0, gives valuable assists. The three most important points on this path to qualifying for the finals of the Under-21 European Championship allow Azurini to remain second in the standings with 13 points, while maintaining a long distance from leaders Sweden. In more matches today, they beat Bosnia 4-0 – to increase the pace from Ireland, who were trapped in seven. Italy rest for next Tuesday’s friendly against Romania in Frosinone; Sweden, on the other hand, will host Ireland and another match on the Montenegro program in Bosnia.

In search of an accurate identity, Paulo Nicoloto’s Under-21 team confirms all his qualities in these ninety minutes, the team they are growing up with, just like the coach wanted yesterday. With Bellanova, Lovato, Okoli, Cambiasso, midfielders Rovella, Esposito, Richie, midfielders Colombo and Vignato in midfield attack on Luka’s defense, Carnegie returned to goal after injury. So there are three innovations compared to the last match against Sweden: In addition to the return of Carnegie, who found that Captain Amband inherited from Tonalli, Tonalid was replaced by Udogi and Ritchie, and newcomer Cambiasso replaced him as a senior. National team.

In the beginning the race struggles to increase speed and in strong winds the game breaks down and is partially adjusted. We start with an Italian who is struggling to refuel in a determined Ireland and Italy, but in the end it only takes ten minutes to own the field. After Carnegie’s try of the 3rd, which did not surprise them, they were ready to put it in a corner, and Azurini overcame their technical prowess and on the 12th they presented Maher with a half overhead from Vignato. Bellanova ending outside. At 15 Richie flies over the left crossbar. While the hosts look to play on the sidelines above all else to make the most of their characteristics, Nicoloto‚Äôs team finds it difficult to hold their opponents to the ball.

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However, we have to wait until the 30’s to summarize the various attempts: Rowella’s cross, O’Brien’s error, and Lorenzo, who did not allow himself to be asked, become a valuable help to Luka, taking a few steps, with his right foot, overtaking Maher. Italy lead, but in the 33rd minute they lost Lovato due to injury and replaced Pirola. Azurini responds to the “setback” with character and personality, and in the 39th minute goes very close to doubling down with a right from Vignato, ending with nothing. At age 44, Richie tried again, but to no avail.

The second half begins with the excellent remnants of Cambiasso, the author of more evidence than convincing, who did not find the door. Azurini, realizing what happened in Monza against Sweden, gains their shoulder and tries to end the game, but Ireland use their physical features to block and thwart their opponents’ aggressive actions. What a waste, especially in the case of Vignato. However, in the 23rd minute for Ireland, Ebocele tried to establish it from outside the box but had only one chance. Very active finale with opportunities on both sides. At the age of 34, the character ending at the base of the left wing from Rowella is Italy. Then, eight minutes after the final whistle, in a suspicious offside position, Carnesechi’s intervention is crucial as he dives reluctantly to close the goal mirror on Tierney’s shot. But two minutes later Maher also responded well to a shot from Colombo, which looked like a goal. At the age of 41, Nicoloto’s second replacement, replacing Colombo with Matteo Conceliri. In the 90th minute, the latter signed 2-0: with an assist from Luka, Verona Stryker closes the score past Maher with a left winger’s jerk.

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