UN Climate Leader: No country is safe from climate change

UN Climate Leader: No country is safe from climate change

His high official UN For Weather They called on governments on Monday to end their tactics “Postponement and Delay” On the contrary, take quick and comprehensive steps to limit and adapt global warming.

In an era of extreme weather and new temperature records, h Patricia Espinosa He warned that no country is safe from the effects of climate change.

The Associated Press reports that Greece on Monday created a new ministry to deal with the effects of the climate crisis after the worst heat wave in the country in decades.

“There is no longer a situation where we can say that these are weak countries and these are not weak countries,” the official said.

With less than three months to go before this year’s UN climate summit, Espinosa urges governments to sign Treaty of Paris 2015 to support what he described as “ambitious, rapid, widespread, transformation efforts” to prevent global warming and prepare for the inevitable consequences of global warming.

“We need to see that the parties go beyond the policies of procrastination and procrastination and expand the narrow sphere of personal interests,” he said.

Espinosa’s comments as he opens a new floating office for the World Adaptation Center in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Root He described the building as “off-grid, carbon neutral, self-sufficient, and ideal for future sea level rise” as a “perfect example of how to adapt to changing climates”.

Such high-tech facilities are unfortunately far removed from millions of poor countries, and leaders have asked developed countries to pay part of the cost of adapting to climate change.

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At the climate summit in November, Congolese President Felix Shisekedi said he hoped rich nations would pledge to double their $ 100 billion annual commitment to developing countries in the fight against climate change.

The France Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission, invited United States To help achieve the $ 100 billion target – that alone is still less than $ 30 million.

The ChinaEfforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, one of the world’s largest pollutants, should also be intensified, said Timmerman, who is involved in environmental issues.

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