Ultimate Frisbee – Confirms Bologna and Cus are on top

Ultimate Frisbee - Confirms Bologna and Cus are on top

In Europe, there is a team that rules the law for at least five years. In fact, the teams are two: they belong to the same city, Bologna, the same club cousin. Yes, Cus Bologna is new to the journey from Belgium to Bruges and from the Champions League of Ultimate Frisbee adventure. Before the outbreak, we left the boys at the Alma Mater studio with European champions Fota (men’s team) and cheers (girls). A year ago, in 2020, like everyone else, we were forced to look at Kovid. In Belgium, Cas Bologna showed off his incredible talent and tough preparation, winning two silver medals at home.

Two second places that are highly valued, and more. Because for the past five years – with the exception of the Kovid stop in 2020 – Cus has always been on the podium, proving just how strong the boys and girls playing the ultimate Frisbee are, trained and determined.

There is no one in Italy – only Cus Bolona has reached the top of the old continent – and very few to explain how great progress Alma Mater has made in Europe.

Chronicle: In the qualifying round, girls are not discounted, surpassing Prague (15-8), Swiss Fab (15-6) and Swedish Valkyrie (13-8). The obstacle in the quarter-finals is from the Czech Republic, but all 3 SBs must surrender 15-11. The Swedes will be Valkyries again in the semifinals, but there is no story against the red and white Alma Mater, 15-9.

Shout out to the final one more time. After two European titles, even red and white would do something wrong. However, we need to recognize that home-grown fair play at the academy can make rivals stronger. Shout French Yak, 15-9. But Cus Bologna once again raised his head and walked out. In fact, very high.

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Hi guys? They start badly, because in the opening match, in the elimination round, there is a defeat to the Belgian Mooncatchers 15-14. Then, Cushion unleashed energy against the terrible monkeys in Prague (15-3). In the Power Pool, the best path against Wall City (14-12) and the French Talk (14-11). In the quarter-finals, the victory over the Danish KFK (15-119, in the semifinals, 15-13 against the Irish Ranelog) was a tough (but athletic) fight.

And in the final? But, of course, the British from London, Clafhams have always had them. Europe is now a two-way street between Bologna and London – of course, because Brexit will be included … – This time Queen Elizabeth II, topics 13-10.

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