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Ulster GAA warns after Tyrone SFC final pitch attack

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The Ulster GAA reacted strongly to the scenes in the Tyrone football final on Sunday evening, threatening to force all matches in Northern Ireland to go behind closed doors.

Duncan Clarke won his first county football title in 64 years, defeating Trillick in extra time in a penalty shootout at Healy Park in Omaha.

Many of the club’s supporters are attacking the pitch and the scenes seen on social media do not keep the social distance and show other public health precautions.

“With more county finals coming up in the coming weeks, Ulster GAA urges all of our units to act responsibly. The scenes from last night can not be repeated or we will return to a place where all the games are played behind closed doors. ”

Northern Ireland’s Prime Minister Arlene Foster took to Twitter on Monday morning to discuss the issue.

“There is a lot of concern about the pictures from yesterday’s GAA match. An important milestone for Dgn but Kovid-19 does not honor successes. Other events responsible. There will be those who lose sports and health. LUlsterGAA needs to fix this. Serious questions from videos. ”

Northern Ireland has more spectators at the games than the southern side of the border, which allowed 200 spectators to take part in last week’s county finals and other matches. Since the beginning of August. Instead, a limit of 400 exists in the north, which means about 200 Duncan supporters were able to attend.

It was a shame for the Ulster GAA.

“Ulster GA strongly reiterates GAA’s message that in the light of the post – match scenes following yesterday’s Tyrone Senior Football Championship final, no spectators should enter to play the following games.

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The GAA has enacted protocols around all aspects of playing games, most of which are universally observed. Six of our nine tees over the weekend had county finals for seniors, and the evidence from across the province is that these protocols have been followed, with spectators standing out in post-match presentations.

“However, the pitch celebrations after the Tyrone County final in Omag not only violated GAA protocols, but also public health guidelines.

Ulster GA fully understands that this is a moment of great joy for the Duncan Clarke Club, which has won its first county title since 1956, and congratulations on this victory. While the dramatic nature of the game’s ending may have added to the excitement, we live in a pandemic, and the post – match scenes did not portray the association positively. ”

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