Ukrainian cities plan to rename hundreds of streets linked to Russia and Belarus

Ukrainian cities plan to rename hundreds of streets linked to Russia and Belarus

Many Ukrainian cities are planning to rename their streets and squares RussiaIn the process of “de-certification” after the Russian occupation.

The Kiev City Council announced on Wednesday that it had prepared a list of 467 sites under consideration for renaming.

Ukraine smashes statue representing friendship with Russia

These places include a central square named after author Leon Tolstoy and a street called Bekal Lake. Minsk Street, the capital of Belarus, is the closest ally RussiaAnd so on.

Since Ukraine Independence was declared by the Soviet Union in 1991, and some cities were renamed to erase the legacy of the hated Soviet authorities. Now the authorities want to remove the names of Russian writers and poets.

Culture Minister Alexander Takachenko warned last week against removing any blanket related to it. Russia.

Quoting a Russian-born novelist UkraineNikolai Gogol, for example, said that some “characters belong to the global heritage stock”.

On Tuesday (26) in Kiev a monument to the Soviet era was demolished, symbolizing the friendship between them. Russia E Ukraine.

Soviet head on the ground during the demolition of a statue representing the friendship between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples – Photo: Gleb Garanich / REUTERS

The statue shows a Ukrainian and a Russian worker standing on a pedestal, holding together a sequence of Soviet friendships. The statue is located under the People’s Friendship Arch, established in 1982 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Union.

“The monument symbolizes the friendship between Ukrainian and Russian nations. Now we see what this ‘friendship’ is: the destruction of Ukrainian cities, the destruction of Ukrainian lives, the killing of tens of thousands of peaceful people. I am convinced that this monument now has a completely different meaning,” said Kyiv Mayor Vitalyklitz.

A Soviet monument to the friendship between Ukrainian and Russian nations is seen after its collapse (Photo: Gleb Garanich / REUTERS)

The arch above the picture will remain the same, but will no longer be called the “Arc of the Friendship of the People” and will receive the colors of the Ukrainian flag (blue and yellow). There is still no indication of what the new naming will be.

Watch videos to understand the contradictions between Russia E Ukraine

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