Ukraine turns to artificial intelligence to find Russian hackers

Ukraine turns to artificial intelligence to find Russian hackers

Ukraine has turned to artificial intelligence through facial recognition technology to help detect Russian hackers, fight misinformation and identify the identities of the dead.

Clearview AI CEO Juan Tun announced that Ukraine is now using the company-owned face recognition technology for purposes such as identifying Russian soldiers.

According to a Reuters report, Clearview said Ukraine could use technology to reunite refugees with their families, fight misinformation, determine if anyone is needed at checkpoints and identify bodies.

According to Juan Ton, it is not clear what Ukraine is using the system for, but he said the company’s technology should not be used as the only way to identify it instead of refusing to offer it to Russia.

Tone stated that Clearview has access to more than two billion images and more than 10 billion images stored in the company’s database in total through the Russian social media service (VKontakte).

Clearview’s controversial technology has come under fire from several quarters over the past few years, with Italy fining the company 20 million euros ($ 27.9 million) this month and ordering the removal of photos of Italian citizens. In November, the United Kingdom fined Clearview 17 17 million ($ 22.6 million) for violating data protection laws.

Canada, Australia, France and many other countries have asked Clearview to delete photos of its residents and citizens because the lawmakers have requested federal agencies to stop using the technology as the company faces privacy claims in the United States.

It should be noted that platforms such as Meta, Google, Venmo, and Twitter have called for Clearview to stop taking photos of them.

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