Ukraine says Putin’s relative arrested

Ukraine says Putin's relative arrested

Viktor Medvedevchuk, a Ukrainian deputy and businessman, is close to the Russian president. Vladimir Putin And in hidingRussian occupation of Ukraine, Ukrainian authorities said on Tuesday that the arrests were made following a “special operation”. “Thanks to SBU (Ukrainian security services, editor’s note) carried out a special operation. Bravo!”, The Ukrainian president indicated. Volodymyr Selensky On his Telegram channel, he was wearing a Ukrainian military uniform with his hands tied, along with a message with a photo of Victor Medvedevchuk.

Ukrainian security forces confirmed the arrest

SBU later confirmed his arrest without giving details. “You can be a pro-Russian politician, work for years for an aggressive country. You can abscond. You can disguise yourself and wear a Ukrainian military uniform … but will it help you escape punishment? Everything!”, Security services in the Telegram commented.

The message was accompanied by a statement from SBU chief Ivan Bachanov thanking his subordinates for successfully leading “this extraordinary and dangerous mission.”

He is the 12th richest man in Ukraine and is known for his connections with Putin

Victor Medvedevchuk, 67, has been under house arrest since May 2021 on charges of “high treason” and “attempting to plunder natural resources” in the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed by Russia in 2014. On February 26, two days after the start of the Russian occupation of Ukraine, Ukrainian police noticed his disappearance during a control visit. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment to Russian news agencies about his arrest, saying “there is a lot of ‘fake’ coming from Ukraine” and “it needs to be checked first.”

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According to Forbes Magazine, Victor Medvedevchuk, the 12th richest man in Ukraine in 2021 with $ 620 million, is best known for his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the godfather of one of his nieces and nephews. He is the founder of the pro-Russian opposition “Opposition Platform for Life”, which had about 30 members in the Ukrainian parliament before it was banned in March after the Russian invasion.

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