Ukraine-Russia, new discussions tomorrow on video. Moscow launches intercontinental ballistic missile exercises

Ukraine-Russia, new discussions tomorrow on video.  Moscow launches intercontinental ballistic missile exercises

British intelligence: Russian military disobeys orders

According to the head of the British intelligence agency GCHQ, the Russian military has rejected orders: Putin misunderstood the situation in Ukraine, and some Russian troops have refused to comply. He said the soldiers lacked weapons and morale and “destroyed their own equipment and accidentally shot down one of their planes.”

According to British intelligence, “despite Russian declarations of intent to reduce military activity around Chernihiv, significant Russian bombings and missile strikes continued.” “Despite the withdrawal of a limited number of units, the Russian military continues to maintain positions east and west of Kiev,” he said. Heavy fighting is expected on the outskirts of the city in the next few days. The British Ministry of Defense reported this on Twitter in an intelligence update. Another British intelligence tweet reads that heavy fighting is continuing in Mariupol. “However, the Ukrainian army remains under control of the city center.”

Some Russian troops withdrew from Chernobyl. Russian soldiers exposed to radiation

Some Russian troops withdraw from Chernobyl nuclear site: A senior U.S. defense official told CNN. In the early days of the invasion, Chernobyl fell to Russia in late February. The withdrawal follows the relocation of a section of Russian troops near the Ukrainian capital. According to some reconstructions, Russian troops were removed from the most dangerous and polluted areas. According to a Belarusian source quoted by Ukrainian Pravda, Russian troops are regularly taken to the Belarusian Republican Research and Practice Center for Radiation Medicine. Energoatom (National Electro Nuclear Generation Company) reports that Russian troops were subjected to significant external and internal radiation in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

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Ukraine is in talks to close the border with Poland and Minsk

Ukraine is reportedly in talks with Poland over the complete closure of its border with Belarus. Ukraine’s ambassador to Ukraine Andrei Deshchitsia has stated that the possibility of a complete closure of the Polish border with Belarus is being discussed, despite the EU’s decision. He said Ukrainian diplomats were in talks with Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to close their borders.

Ceasefire in Mariupol, 17 buses have already left

The first buses to Mariupol depart to evacuate civilians: 17 buses have already moved from Zaporizhia (approximately 220 km north-west) to Mariupol. The announcement was made by Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshkov. Another 28 buses are waiting for permission to cross the Russian checkpoint in Vasilyevka, near Sapporo. “We will do everything possible to ensure that the buses arrive at Mariupol today and pick up people who have not yet left the city,” he told Varesh. Moscow announced last night that it was ready for a temporary ceasefire from 10 localities in Mariupol (9 in Italy).

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