Ukraine: Crypto collects donations and prepares to sell NFT

Ukraine: Crypto collects donations and prepares to sell NFT

The Vice President of the country said on Thursday that the Ukrainian government wants to raise revenue through the NFT to support their armed forces. This is another move by Kiev to raise funds in cryptocurrencies to counter the Russian occupation.

The NFT It is a collectible digital asset valued as an alternative to digital currency and in the form of a product such as art board or vinyl. By 2021, their popularity had soared, with sales reaching $ 25 billion.

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“We will soon announce the NFT to support the Ukrainian armed forces,” Mikhail Fedorov said in a post on his personal Twitter account without further details.

“Every day more and more people are ready to help Ukraine deal with the aggression,” he added.

Many contributions to Crypto

Fedorov is also its Minister for Digital Transformation Of UkraineLed Kiev’s efforts to raise funds for cryptographic data.

Ukraine posted calls on social media last week for donations Bitcoin Other Cryptocurrencies. As of Wednesday, it was reported that cryptocurrencies valued at about $ 43 million had been raised from about 67,000 providers.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation has told Reuters that Ukrainian authorities will use the funds to “destroy as many Russian troops as possible.”

Fedorov last week called on major cryptocurrencies to block Russian users’ digital wallets. However, many major platforms have refused to impose such a general ban – experts say, undermining Western efforts to isolate Moscow.

Source: ΟΤ.gr

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