Ukraine barn in Europe: EU plan to block Kiev exports

Ukraine barn in Europe: EU plan to block Kiev exports

This is the state of emergency that erupted in the coming weeks in Ukraine, where millions of tons of wheat have been blocked by the conflict with Russia. Concerned over the serious food crisis, the European Commission yesterday unveiled new initiatives to curb exports from one of the world’s largest agricultural producers. Among other things, Brussels proposes to create a logistics platform to facilitate cooperation between European exporters and Ukrainian exporters.

“Twenty million tons of grain – transport commissioner Adina Valen explained yesterday – must be released to Ukraine within the next three months using EU infrastructure.

Odessa holds 2.5 million tons of grain

The situation is complicated by the fact that the Russian navy has blocked Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea (according to German Foreign Minister Annelina Bairbok, there are still 2.5 million tons of grain in Odessa).

In fact, before the conflict, 90% of Ukrainian exports passed through Black Sea ports, and in the opinion of Brussels, thousands of trucks were parked along the border shared by Ukraine, despite recent attempts to facilitate exports by rail or road. EU. The average length of time to cross the border and cross the administrative process is 16 days, but in some cases the transit can rise to 30 days, the community executive explained yesterday.

Problems of rail transport

Different widths of Ukrainian trains, similar to Russian (former Soviet) trains, impede rail transport. The European Commission therefore plans to create a logistics platform that can more easily meet the supply and demand for the transportation of agricultural products. On the Customs Front, Brussels urges member states to expedite import approvals. The community executive also wants to build new reserves for storage to prevent grain from rotting while waiting for transportation.

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