UK rules revised after Brexit

UK rules revised after Brexit

With BrexitMany things have changed for those who want to Going to work in England. If in the past London and other major centers in the country represented the exact opportunity to find a new job and experience in a very dynamic and multifaceted reality, today those who want to leave Italy to find work across the channel will inevitably have to deal with a more complex system.

In 2021, you can only go to work in England if you have points. In short, we face new rules that make it easier to provide English for work purposes.

So, let’s look at some of the details on this topic to understand what are the rules to follow today to go and live in England and find permanent employment there.

How to work in England

Going to work in England: New reference context

Named Point-based immigration system (PBS), this is the new UK immigration system. As mentioned, after Brexit, the rules regarding the entry of foreign workers into England changed. Today, all citizens of the European Union are foreigners, as are non-EU citizens. And so do the Italians Going to work in England.

These rules are not very different from those applied in Australia and the USA, and are mandatory for finding employment in Great Britain:

  • Must have a qualified educational qualification;
  • Knowledge of English;
  • Salary close to the national average per capita income (approximately ,000 27,000 per year).

Clearly, it is apparently a system in favor of trained and expert resources. To give a simple example, having a technical degree and more than ten years of work experience in specific roles and activities will increase the likelihood of permanent entry into the English workplace. Conversely, for those who were hoping to gain work experience, perhaps after graduating from high school, admission will no longer be the same as before.

In short, professional skill, experience and ability are now the basis for calculating a provisional score. Only workers earning at least 70 points can go to work in England.

Different types of visas have been developed for workers: You can complete your application, including identity verification, using a smartphone application on the website.

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Everyone applying for a visa for work reasons must pay one Administrative Fee In addition, anyone living in the UK for more than 6 months is required to pay an immigration health surcharge, which allows for effective access to the English National Health Service.

So let’s see what are the main types of visas for going to work in England.

Going to work in England: Work permit system for qualified individuals

Many people know that Great Britain has not been part of the European Union since January 1 this year. This means that even Italians find fewer jobs in those parts than in the past.

Anyone who wants to go to work legally in one of the UK countries (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland) needs to apply for a visa or work permit. The second is called Skilled Worker Visa In addition, it is aimed at skilled workers in the UK.

As mentioned earlier, local authorities have developed a one-point system for obtaining this visa: it is mandatory to earn 70 points to obtain a work visa.

This document can be up to 5 years long. At the end of this period, the interested party intending to continue working in the UK should apply for renewal or update of the visa if it expires or if you change employer. After five years, the interested party can also apply Permanent residence On English soil.

The interested party can apply for a work permit up to three months prior to the intended date of commencement of employment in the UK. Once the online request has been made, the identity of the person has been proved and the required documents have been displayed, a response will be received within three weeks if the request is made from our country.

Visa requirements for skilled workers: What are they?

To obtain a visa for a skilled worker, as mentioned, you need to earn 70 points and meet all the requirements for this visa:

  • Intermediate level B1 (10 points) for knowledge of the English language;
  • Hold a job offer or employment letter. This offer must be official and approved by the Home Office (equivalent to our Home Ministry) (20 points);
  • Work in a staff-less area (20 points);
  • The minimum annual salary, ,500 26,500 or ,000 30,000, or the current salary for a given job, whichever is greater, will be the reference. In any case, the minimum wage should not be less than, 20,480 (20 points) per year.
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Also, it should be noted Visa for skilled worker It’s not free, so you need enough money to cover the cost of the application. It should be noted that the cost is in the hundreds of pounds and in some cases can exceed a thousand. To stay on land on the other side of the channel, you must add the cost of medical coverage and the link to an English bank account.

Some explanation of English language proficiency is required. In fact, one Level B1 knowledge According to the British Council Italy, the official British body for promoting cultural ties and educational opportunities, the English language has an IELTS score of between 4.0 and 5.5. This means that it is necessary to be able to independently master the 4 areas of knowledge (listening, reading, writing, and communication) of the English language before reaching English.

That is why the British Council If you intend to go to work in England it is advisable to check the requirements on time so as not to get caught unprepared.

Going to work in England: Visa for graduates and visa for talent

A special permit is issued to people who have graduated from a university in England. This is the CD. Graduate Visa In addition, its owners are allowed to work or look for a job for a maximum of 2 years (3 for doctoral students) after completing their studies.

In detail, this graduate visa is available to international students who have a proven track record of compliance with the UK Government’s immigration requirements and are sponsored by a Home Office approved student sponsor.

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Instead, with a visa Global genius, England intends to attract emerging talent as it currently does in the academy. This permit eliminates the need to have a job offer before it reaches you. But note: this is not aimed at talented professionals from all industries. It aims to enrich science, humanities, engineering, the arts (including film, fashion design and architecture), digital technology, a wealth of knowledge, economics and the British Territory Company. It is therefore mentioned on the English Government website.

It should also be noted that Health care occupations There are useful factors for those who want to go to work in England. In fact, visas are designed for workers in health facilities in relation to their current health status Health and care This helps in bureaucratic simplification and cost reduction.

Conclusions: Going to work in England today, opportunities and limitations

Before the earthquake Brexit, Many Italian youth went to England and especially to London to improve the quality of English. It was customary to get there with their savings and stay in English for as long as possible, trying to find a job as quickly as possible (e.g. as a waiter or salesman).

Today things have changed profoundly. In fact, it is advisable to make sure you have a good standard of English, find a (very) qualified job in an area with few employees and complete the administrative procedures for obtaining a visa. In short, it is true that there are fewer opportunities to work in London today, and there will always be increasing competitiveness for everyone who intends to work in the largest British city.

But it is equally true that you do not yet need a visa to go to the UK for holidays and business events. In fact, you can visit England for up to 6 months without obtaining a permit.

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