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UK: “Crazy Moment”, British MP found obscene in Parliament

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He was suspended from the Conservative Party on Friday following the incident, and the deputy who initially retained his duties eventually resigned.

“A moment of madness”, “I lost my mind”, “I made a mistake” … Neil Parish apologizes for being found obscene during a parliamentary session. Two elected officials who were near him reported the facts.

This scene is already special, but its explanation is more interesting. In an exclusive interview with the British media BBCThe deputy claimed to have taken the wrong site: “I was looking for a site for tractors. I clicked on a link with a very similar name. I looked for a few seconds and should not have done that,” he apologized.

He said that if Neil Parish had admitted his mistake and this click accidentally, he would have returned to the site a second time. “My fault – my biggest offense – is looking at this site again”.

“I made a terrible mistake and I’m here to admit it,” the MP admitted. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

The exception comes as women politicians have been denouncing the “sexual and anti-feminist” culture within the British Parliament for days.

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