UFC: Usman-McGregor, Twitter fight before Octagon?

UFC: Usman-McGregor, Twitter fight before Octagon?

Connor McGregor mocked the Nigerian on Twitter after Kamaru Usman’s victory on UFC 261 on Sunday. The beginning of a future struggle?

After the Nigerian victory in Jacksonville against George Masvidal to defend his welterweight title, he did not miss the opportunity to speak on “infamous” social networks.

R Irishman, who plays in the following category, is currently preparing for three films against R Dustin Faisal, who was beaten last January and was only mocked by the R UFC champion for making him a young copy.

“Usman is now even copying my shots,” said Conor McGregor. Am I going to fight this guy at some point? I think so. You can not copy my punch without spanning. I like -77 kilograms. This section will be mine soon. What will open the door to the rise of the faction and the confrontation against Kamaru Usman? This is possible because he has already faced Nate Diaz and Donald Seron twice.

Anyway, “The Nigerian Nightmare” caught everyone by its 19 namese Victory in 20 professional fights, he responded with a tweet that sounded like the right he sent to poor George Masvidel. “When I hit the welterweight, they fall. You should not leave them lightly anymore. I finish people. You are ending, ”he blurred.

UFC boss Dana White, who now has to think about who can challenge Usman, is no doubt blocking hands with such opposition.

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